scientists toil for years to build a better rover

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California correspondent John ZarrellaPASADENA (CNN)--
The Mars Pathfinder\'s residence rover is the final product that has been tested in the desert landscape for years.
Different rover of various shapes and sizes, weights and compositions are placed in their pace and then sent back to the store for redesign.
Finally, in the sandbox of the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, the model above the rest was designed by the Sojourner, and JPL scientists chose to send it to Mars.
Six travellers. wheeled, 23-pound solar-
Power Rover is at the heart of NASA\'s Pathfinder mission.
Mission controller Jennifer Harris says one of the first images they hope to get from Mars will be photos of Pathfinder probes ---
To ensure that the landing airbag is firmly positioned where the ramp should be deployed.
Then, if the lander and the traveller survive the landing of the airbag, the rover will begin to crawl the pace of snails on the surface of the Earth.
Once the Earth\'s scientists find interesting rocks, the rover\'s Alpha Proton X-
The ray spectrometer will take 10 hours to analyze the composition of the rock.
\"The Rover stopped the last thing of the day and put the spectrometer on the rock ---
Or on the ground. -
Collecting data all night.
By the time the sun rises the next morning, the rover is ready to set off and move again, \"said Donna Shirley, Mars exploration project manager.
Engineers and geologists are able to analyze only one rock a day, and they hope this small vehicle will move on.
It will officially end its ground mission in August 1997, and the end of the entire project is expected to end in September 1998.
But scientists hope the task will be ahead of the scheduled completion date.
Meanwhile, scientists and engineers at the Mars field in Pasadena are already working on the next generation of Mars probes.
Latest Products for Rocky 7, mini
The rover looks like a resident,-by design --
More autonomous.
\"As the future rover leaves the lander, it needs to be able to look at the terrain on its own and tell itself where to go,\" said lead engineer Richard Volpe . \". Rocky 7 --
Or something like that. -
It will fly to Mars in 2001, where, unlike the travellers, it will be able to collect rock samples.
It will wait on the red planet until 2005, when NASA plans to send a vehicle to collect samples and bring them back to Earth.
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