schoolies teen in bali hospital after fall at sky garden club in kuta

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A school outside a nightclub in Kuta, Bali.
Picture: Nathan EdwardsSource: during the school celebration, an Australian teenager fell off the stairs at a nightclub in Bali, broke his leg and bit his teeth. The 17-year-
Local police said on Wednesday that Lao in Kuta sky garden, around eleven o\'clock P. M. local time on Tuesday, when he fell down the internal stairs from the fourth floor.
The teenager is currently being treated for broken legs and broken teeth at the Siloa hospital in Denpasar.
Kuta police chief and police chief Vayan sumala said CCTV in the nightclub showed the teenager \"hanging out\" before he fell \". “(He was)
Grab the stair railing, swing his body, and then he gets thrown.
He fell to the third floor. down.
His face hit the floor.
\"He is unconscious (initially)
The left knee was hurt and the chin was bleeding.
\"The Sky Garden Club is the largest and most popular club in the Kuta Beach area.
Friends of teenagers and a security guard inside the venue took 17-year-
Before being taken to the hospital by ambulance, the old man went to the first aid center on the second floor of the club.
Australian teenager Jamie Murphy has been arrested for carrying a bag of white powder outside the club, which is also his infamous club across the country.
There was a picture of him being beaten up by a security guard who seemed to pinch him and squeeze his face, and a painful Murphy pleaded, \"it\'s not mine. . .
What are you doing?
\"But Bali is not the only place where students find themselves in hot water --
An unusual fish was found when a fisherman ventured into the waters on Tuesday.
Four trapped students are floating 400 off the coast of Cowes on Phillip Island, Victoria.
Four girls wore two pink inflatable flamingos, a dinosaur and a unicorn.
When Alex King saw the girl in the shark, he was fishing for squid with a friend
The infected water \"floats helplessly\" into the western inlet stream.
Mr. King saw them floating in the distance and he pulled his team in and looked carefully and found the girls.
\"We observed two Pink Flamingos (sic)
In a Facebook post, Kim wrote: \"a dinosaur and a unicorn are helplessly floating in the western inlet stream . \".
\"Pulling our team and going into a more careful inspection, we found that it was four young ladies who needed rescue.
\"Be safe on the water.
Whether you\'re on that ship
Mr King told the Herald Sun that he was a native and would not swim in the area, adding that it was a place to catch bronze whalers and ancient rice sharks.
He said that the water was 30 metres deep and that he did not share the fact with the girls until they safely boarded his boat and were dragged ashore, and the inflatable toys were tied to the back.
Meanwhile, interstate schools have set foot on the Gold Coast this week and more people are expected to travel to sunny states next week.
Police say they have shifted their attention to licensed venues, most of which have been in interstate schools for more than 18 years.
Queensland police say nothing happened overnight.
In the first week of school, 71 school leavers were arrested in the Gold Coast celebrations, up from 37 arrested in 2015.
This week, school leavers also traveled to the Victoria coast, where they have had a good time so far --behaved.
Police urged thousands of school leavers to celebrate safely and responsibly in popular towns along the coast.
Surf Coast, Mornington Peninsula, and Bath Coast police are ready for a massive influx of schools to step up patrols both inside and outside of licensed sites and popular accommodations.
Four girls had trouble at Phillip Island, a popular school destination in Victorian times.
Image: FacebookSource: FacebookVictoria police priority Community Unit Acting Commander Tim Hansen says police will focus on preventing excessive drinking and anti-drinking
Social behavior.
\"Most school leavers do the right thing by celebrating and taking care of their partner in moderation,\" he said . \".
\"Unfortunately, there are always people who are putting things too far and putting themselves and others in danger.
\"We will work closely with local councils and partner agencies to ensure that schools enjoy their lives in a way that is safe and respectful of the communities they are visiting.
\"The message we give students is to take care of themselves and each other.
If one of your friends drinks too much or is at risk
Don\'t hesitate to call them out or the police will.
\"In an emergency, schools should approach the police or call 000. -
AAPFishermen\'s additional report saved four students from the shark
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