saving whales, manson murder house: news from around our 50 states

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-01
AlabamaPrattville: The law allows the sale of Sunday alcohol from city retail stores in valid states
The liquor license issued came into effect on August. 1.
Sales will be allowed without a time limit.
The city council approved the move at a board meeting on Tuesday night.
The regulation passed 6-0-
District 3 female MP Denise Brown abstained.
She is the executive director of a non-sectarian charity, the otonga center for religious care.
Last year, the council approved
After the Elmo County Council received legislative approval to allow sales, houses in the Elmo County section of Prattville were sold on Sunday.
AlaskaJuneau: after changes in state-wide funding, residents in rural areas of the state will be hit by rising energy costs.
The state\'s Energy Department reports that the legislature transfers funds from state accounts to the constitutional budget reserves every year.
Officials said the $1 billion energy account used to offset the cost of rural communities was included in the transfer known as \"sweeping.
\"Over the past 28 years, lawmakers have returned the funds until this year, when they voted not to add large savings accounts.
The company says homeowners will increase their monthly bills from an average of $80 to thousands of dollars.
ArizonaTucson: the city\'s Catholic leadership plans to meet with local government officials to discuss where the city can temporarily place migrants seeking asylum.
The group and county officials temporarily agreed to transfer immigrant families to unused parts of the Pima County Youth Detention Center.
Critics oppose the placement of immigrants in any detention facility.
Bishop Edward Weisenberg says he hopes immigrants will feel safe and welcome as long as they are taken care.
ArkansasLittle Rock: the federal government says it will allocate an additional $7 million over the next 10 years to expand Internet access in rural areas of the state.
The Federal Communications Commission announced Monday that the funds will provide broadband access to nearly 4,000 rural households and businesses.
On June and 5, the FCC authorized a total of $40.
8 million of the funds.
When the project is completed, there will be about 15,000 rural households and businesses connected to the Internet.
The FCC said it would approve more funds in the coming months.
Suppliers will begin receiving funds from the FCC this month.
Los Angeles, California: one of Charles Manson\'s followers who committed the infamous murder in 1969 is on sale.
The home of the Hilly Los Feliz district is Leno and Rosemary Rabbi Anka killed after actor Sharon Tate and four others were murdered by Manson followers in Benedict Canyon
Redfin listing agent Robert Giambalvo told the Los Angeles Times
The price of the bedroom apartment is $1. 98 million.
The house has changed hands several times since 1969, and the last sale was in 1998.
Ford Collins, Colorado: according to a memo from traffic engineer Joe Olsen to the City Council, three-mile-long freight trains have increasingly crossed the city since January.
Olsen calls it the \"mega\" train, and in addition to the regular train traffic on the BNSF rail track, the parallel University Avenue on the BNSF rail track runs through most parts of the city.
The typical train is about a mile long.
Large trains have the greatest impact on traffic.
Like most trains, large trains can take 15 minutes or more to get through the intersection, rather than blocking the intersection for 3 to 4 minutes like most trains.
The traffic is backed up further than usual and the recovery time is longer.
Orson\'s memo notes that the most striking impact is that BNSF tracks University Avenue near Cherry Street.
But with several major eastern regions, the impact has always been felt
At the same time, the West crossing was blocked.
ConnecticutNew Haven: The city is launching a cooling center for the public as it has issued excessive heat and humidity alerts over the next few days.
Mayor Tony Harper will start the alert at noon on Wednesday, while the cooling center will be open throughout the weekend and next week until further notice is given to ease the excessive heat and humidity.
Some cooling centers include libraries such as the New Haven Public Library and the Fair Haven Branch Library.
Public swimming pools, premium centers, homeless shelters and city parks with splash pads will also be opened, which can be used to cool down.
DelawareHarrington: when you are pregnant with a 3000 million-year-old birthday party for about 100 people, you are creative when it comes to a birthday cake.
That\'s why the Delaware fair bought 30,000 packs of Tastykake Butter Scotch cream sugar, which will be distributed to some festival viewers every night as part of the Expo\'s centennial celebration.
100 Delaware annual fair opens on Thursday
Adult tickets are priced at $5, followed by nine days of mid-course rides, decadent carnival food, livestock competitions and entertainment, from Grammy winners to demolition derbies.
For all other days, the general admission fee for adults is $9 and for children aged 6-6 is $4
Children aged 12, 5 and under are free of charge.
More details can be found online.
D. C. : leader of Washington, D. C. C.
The council is accused of having a trade role and responsibility for other council members in exchange for support.
According to The Washington Post, President Phil Mendelson was accused of using exchange conditions to pass a no.
Bid sports betting and lottery contracts and block severe penalties against a member accused of violating morality.
The allegations highlight the growing divisions between older, moderate, mostly black leaders in the Council and recently elected members, mostly white, under the age of 50.
The University of Florida\'s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences says Sunshine State is the largest watermelon producer in the United States, and Florida farmers sold 0. 8 billion pounds of watermelon last year.
The largest growers are located near the Immokalee, Belle Glade, Arcadia and Suwannee valleys, which produce the third watermelon crop in the state. GeorgiaSt.
Simmons Island: A National biologist says beach tourists in Georgia have helped stop about 30 pilot whales stranded on the shore.
Clay George of the National Department of Natural Resources said the whales appeared in St. on Tuesday afternoon. Simons Island.
Three whales died stranded.
But the onlookers helped the authorities Wade and prevented most of the whales from going ashore, George said.
George said the port pilots found the whales on a nearby waterway and he hoped they would follow the tide.
Whales usually stay at sea for more than 100 miles, so they may be confused, says George.
The American Whale Association says pilot whales are often involved in mass stranding, partly because of their social nature.
Honolulu, Hawaii: Astronomers have indefinitely stopped observing the existing 13 telescopes at the Mauna Kea summit, while protesters have blocked the road from going downhill to prevent the construction of a huge new observatory.
As a result, dozens of researchers around the world will not be able to collect data and study the sky.
Jessica Dempsey, deputy director of the East Asia Observatory, said the observation would not resume until the telescope staff continued to enter the summit.
Local protesters in Hawaii blocked the bottom of the road on Tuesday, the day after the announcement.
They are against $1.
The 4 billion Thirty-Meter Telescope is worried that it will hurt areas that some Hawaiian people think are sacred.
The new telescope is expected to become one of the most advanced telescopes in the world.
IdahoBoise: officials have approved the rewrite of the state\'s 50-year-old mining law. Republican Gov.
Brad litter and other members of the Idaho land board voted Tuesday to pass the rules designed to give the mining company financial leeway, but also to avoid having taxpayers pay for the cleanup when the mining company goes bankrupt.
The rule came into effect immediately and came into effect by August.
The deadline set by the Legislature earlier this year.
The Idaho Department of Land plans to continue its efforts to make more changes to the rules on the basis of public opinion and submit them to legislators for their approval at 2020 legislative session.
Chicago, Illinois: A white whale born less than two weeks ago was a male, says an official at the Shedd Aquarium.
The Aquarium\'s animal care team confirmed the gender of the calf in a recent health check.
Baby whale and its mother are under 24 years old.
With the continuous growth and care of the calf, hours of observation.
Aquarium officials said the data collected from the observations were shared with other people who studied the wild beluga population. The 38-year-
Old white whale delivered earlier this month, hairy yak.
Her calf was the first beluga whale to come to the lake aquarium in seven years.
Witnesses amichigan City: Witnesses say a toddler was rescued in Lake Michigan after leaving his family on an inflatable duck.
Dave Benjamin told WBBM
Television said Monday, near Washington Beach, Michigan, a boatman finally grabbed the boy after the duck flipped.
Benjamin tried to find the boy on the board.
He said there was a feeling of \"exhaustion and high anxiety\" when the child\'s inflation was taken away by the wind.
The boy\'s mother could not reach him immediately.
IowaDyersville: Dubuque-
Insurance brokers are expected to bring more than 25 jobs to the city.
According to The Daily Telegraph, Cottingham & Butler announced on Monday that it will start operating in the leased space under construction this fall.
Andy Butler of Cottingham & Butler said company officials have considered new locations to accommodate current and future employees living outside Dubuque.
19 cortingham and Butler employ 950 workers.
There are about 650 people working in the Dubuque area.
Minister of Justice Derek Schmidt said,S.
The fall cases of the Supreme Court include cases in three states, the first time this has happened in modern state history.
Schmidt\'s office will represent the state in all three cases.
The first case heard this fall involved the appeal of a basic murder filed by James krayge Keller, who killed four relatives in berlingame on November 2009.
Kahler believes that Kansas laws violate the Constitution and prevent him from using crazy defense.
The second case came from a case of identity theft in Johnson County, and the third case involved traffic stations in Daoyi County.
The Kansas Supreme Court overturned the verdict in the last two cases, and the state is appealing.
KentuckyFrankfort: State officials say a company specializing in oil extraction and distillation in the CBD is planning to cost $6 million
And the factory in Boyle County. Gov.
Matt Bevin\'s office says the joint venture will create up to 34 complete
Work for ten years.
State officials say the announcement of the international farm extract is the latest sign of the booming cannabis industry in Kentucky.
Officials say the company plans to buy the existing factory in Danville for operation.
The plant will use about 15,000 acres of cannabis flowers on local farms at full capacity.
Anabanabaton Rouge: according to the latest national Earth survey conducted with the help of the Luisa State University, the state continues to sink and does not see any help.
New Orleans has fallen by nearly 6 inch since its first survey in 1989, but other further cities are sinking.
Alexander has fallen nearly 2 inch in the past 30 years.
Cliff Mugnier, director of land survey at LSU, said that the main reason for sinking is that the dam system prevents the flood of the Mississippi River, deposits silt and sediment to supplement the lost land, although other factors such as the depletion of groundwater storage layers, there are also contributions.
MaineMadawaska: the national forest administration will deploy Wasps to help repel an invasive pest that could cause damage to trees in the state.
The service said the tiny, non-pungent wasp would be released on Thursday to help control the invasion of the state\'s green treasure lime borer worm.
It says that wasps feed or rely on them by attacking their larvae under the bark and parasitic eggs on the surface of the bark.
The Hornets will be released in arstock County, northern Maine.
The forest authority says three Wasps are currently being used to control pests.
On 2018, the borer worm was located in Aroostook and York County on both ends of the state.
MarylandBaltimore: state regulators have arranged two public comment hearings on Washington Gas Lighting\'s request to raise the price of its natural gas services by nearly $36 million.
The Public Service Commission announced on Monday that it plans to hold a hearing in Rockville on July 29.
It also announced August.
Public hearing in Largo
The PSC said that in the interest rate of nearly $36 million --
An increase request of approximately $5 million is charged through the system improvement surcharge.
Washington Gas said a typical residential heating bill would increase by about 5%.
Massimo usettsboston: a power outage on the Boston metro line caused a major problem.
On Twitter, the Massachusetts Gulf traffic authority said that at about 8: 00, there was a \"power problem\" on the blue line \". m.
Near Government Central station on Wednesday.
The shuttle bus replaced the service between Maverick and Bowdoin station, the report said.
A spokesman said three trains were on track at the time.
One is at the station and the other is moved back to the station so that passengers can disembark.
The third train was just outside the central government station and 200 passengers were safely evacuated.
The cause of the power problem is under investigation.
MichiganSault gate.
Mary: A Native American tribe received $2 million in federal funding to build a manufacturing and warehouse facility. U. S.
Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross announced a grant to the Chippewa Indian Tribe on Tuesday.
It will match $350,000 in local funding.
Officially, the Peninsula tribe will have 20,000. square-foot center.
It will serve existing tribal manufacturers and entrepreneurs while helping to attract new industry and business opportunities.
MinnesotaRochester: head. S. Sen.
Nom Coleman said at a time 7-
Mayo Clinic Surgery for one hour
Coleman posted on his Facebook page that cancer \"is more invasive than what was seen in earlier scans.
Coleman praised his team of doctors who said surgery was challenging due to scar tissue from early radiation.
In last August, Coleman learned that the throat and neck cancer he began treatment in 2015 had spread to his lungs and was at its most advanced stage.
Coleman received chemotherapy and intensive radiotherapy and said the tumor had disappeared. A follow-
A recent scan showed a recurrence of cancer.
During Monday\'s surgery, the doctor planned to remove his lungs for about a quarter of an hour, reducing the organ\'s capacity by 15% to 20%.
Mississippi: Police say they confiscated bags of marijuana.
Inject snacks into the \"pharmacy party.
According to news media reports, police arrested five people holding ecstasy and intending to distribute marijuana.
Spokesman Sam Brown told the media on Tuesday that the authorities were informed about the party, which is typical in the state where marijuana is legal.
The food includes crispy rice and brownies worth about $3,000.
A gun, bong and other carry-on items were also confiscated.
Michigan Jefferson City: Bayer will close its headquarters in the crop science division in North Carolina and transfer 500 jobs to St. Louis area. Gov.
On Tuesday, Mike Parsons announced the move in the congressional office.
Lisa Safarian, the business activities of the company-
The president of North America said the German pharmaceutical and life sciences company will close its headquarters in the crop science division in the Raleigh area and move to St.
Louis suburb of Creve Coeur.
If Bayer meets its employment and investment commitments, it will receive more than $44 million in economic development awards from the state.
The company has agreed to invest $0. 164 billion.
It also promised to keep 4,400 jobs in Missouri.
MontanaKalispell: nurses working for the state hospital system voted in favor of a union.
Flathead Beacon reported that nurses at medical institutions in the Kalispell region voted last Thursday and Friday to set up a collective bargaining group.
About 650 nurses in the system are represented by one of the International Union of service personnel healthcare.
The union said the new members would elect a bargaining committee to investigate the priorities of members in contract negotiations.
Hospital President and CEO Craig Lambrecht said in a statement that he was disappointed with the vote, but the Kalispell Regional Healthcare company will work with employees during the negotiation process.
NebraskaChadron: During the 43 annual Fur Trade Day celebrations, a local chiropractor and a former high school track and field athlete won the highest honor in the world champion Buffalo Chip Throwing competition
Kcsr TV reported that 35-year-
Old Eric Landon threw a nearly 146 feet-pound dry-water cow dung Saturday and won the men\'s championship.
Winning women\'s groups and 18-and-
Recently, the chardelon high school track and field competition stood out with more than 107 feet points.
NevadaSparks: after a dump truck destroyed a wire, thousands of homes were cut off for hours.
At about 8: 45, more than 7,000 NV Energy customers were out of power. m.
On Tuesday, the wires were knocked down when the truck lifted the bed in the building area.
NV Energy said about 1,660 people were still out of power on Tuesday afternoon, but it is expected that all power will be restored by night.
The truck runs in a building area of El Rancho Drive near Teglia Paradise Park.
There were no reports of injuries.
New Hampshire Concord: the state\'s only veterans medical center is reducing its clinic time and urging veterans to use a network of private first aid facilities across the state.
Move from around-the-
The clock clinic in Manchester began in August.
On the 30 th, the Department of Veterans Affairs urged the use of emergency care clinics nationwide.
Eligible veterans can now use nine emergency clinics signed with the VA in the state.
The VA Medical Center will continue to provide clinics at 8 in the morning. m. to 4:30 p. m.
Seven days a week.
New Jesse westmilford: Swimming in another state Lake is banned due to harmful algae outbreaks.
State environmental officials closed the swimming area on Lake Greenwood on Tuesday. The Greenwood Lake is located between West Milford and Orange County, New York, stretching nine miles.
People should avoid contact with the lake, the directive says, but it should be noted that boating is still allowed on waterways.
Algae-borne bacteria can cause rashes, and people who drink water can have problems such as abdominal pain, headache and vomiting, officials said.
It is not clear how long the directive will last.
Albuquerque, New Mexico: State officials have warned the horse to take major precautions to prevent the horse from infecting the virus that causes blisters
Like sore in the mouth of an infected animal.
The state Livestock Commission says cases of blisters have been confirmed in Valencia, Sandoval, Los Alamos and Santa Fe counties.
National vet Ralph Zimmerman said officials have not ordered any cancellations at the moment, but they are handing out a list of suggestions for fair play organizers and individual owners.
It includes checking the wound, using the spray and not sharing the beauty equipment.
There is no specific treatment, and there is no licensed vaccine for this virus.
New York: Long Island police are looking for a white eagle stolen from the wildlife sanctuary.
Police say about 35-year-
Early Tuesday morning, the old male white eagle was removed from the fence at the Quogue Wildlife Sanctuary.
Police say the eagle was sent by the US Navy to Suffolk County. S.
Fish and Wildlife were served on 1988 after injuries.
Its right wing was cut off and could not fly.
Officials say the possession of a federal-protected Condor is a federal government offence and will be fined and imprisoned.
Anyone with information is required to call the village police station of Quogue 631-653-4791.
Nashville, North Carolina: The company said an employee of Valvoline Instant Oil Exchange was fired after making a racist invoice that called the customer
A photographed invoice circulating on social media lists the customer\'s name as \"poka honas\" at Raccoon Trail, a street that does not exist in Asheville.
Even though the original Facebook post was posted on July 15, the date of the invoice is not visible.
The identity of the customer is not disclosed.
According to the news posted by Facebook users about the incident, she is a person of color.
The customer did not receive a request for comment immediately.
North Dakota Bismarck: State officials say oil production in North Dakota remained stable this spring.
The state\'s oil production is 1.
39 million barrels of crude oil per day in April, an increase of only 800 barrels per day.
Despite stable oil production, North Dakota\'s oil production is still close to the record set in January.
Moreover, the high level also brings some challenges to the transportation.
Across the state, the company produces 19% of natural gas, up from the 12% target.
Ohio: mosquitoes in the Greater Cincinnati area tested positive for West Nile virus, and officials urged people to take precautions.
West Nile virus affects the central nervous system.
It can be passed from mosquitoes to humans.
According to the public health department in Hamilton County, the virus-carrying mosquitoes have recently been stranded on the Union Cemetery Road in the town of Symmes.
Officials will conduct surveillance activities in areas where mosquitoes are collected.
The staff will look for places where the water is accumulated, apply the fungicides and make sure the swimming pool is working properly.
Health officials recommend that all residents in Hamilton County drain water, including buckets, flower pots, water pools, water basins and pet bowls.
They also recommend adding mosquito repellent to stagnant water areas that cannot be drained.
City of orrama: government.
Kevin STIT said the federal emergency response authority approved disaster assistance in 41 counties due to spring floods and bad weather in the state.
The storm triggered historic flooding in the northern part of the state and triggered a tornado near Tulsa International Airport on May 21.
Stitt announced its approval on Tuesday, calling it federal funding for cities, counties, rural power cooperatives and states to repair infrastructure and other costs associated with storm response.
STIT said the damage caused by the storm was estimated at $22 million.
OregonSalem: on Tuesday afternoon, a pilot crashed his plane while trying to make an emergency landing on the grass in the eastern part of the city, and was then treated and released from the hospital.
Portland\'s 73-year-old Eugene Mitchell told delegates that he had experienced mechanical problems, causing the plane to catch fire midway through the flight from the Albany area to Aurora Airport.
Experienced pilot Mitchell encounters non-life
Threatened to get hurt.
According to Sgt, he was the only passenger on the plane.
Jeremy Landes from Marion County Sheriff\'s Office.
After the accident, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Traffic Safety Commission were notified.
Pennsylvaniapittoungh: an animal rescue organization says someone tied the firecrackers to the cat\'s left front paw with a rubber band and detonated them, causing such a serious injury that it had
The Humane Animal Rescue Company said on its Facebook page that two kind Samaritan people brought the cat in on the weekend after finding it lame on the injured and bloody legs
According to how the wound began to heal, rescuers said the injury could occur on July 4.
Rescue director Jamie Wilson said there were few claws left and the vet decided that the best course of action would be to remove the leg.
The staff named the cat kimchi, which is being fixed and will be adopted soon.
Rhode Island Warwick: The City Council unanimously passed a resolution on Monday that would add $4 million to the school budget to cover 17 programs, including sports, teaching assistants, guardians, textbooks, after-School project.
Sports was one of several cuts made last month when the school committee approved a $0. 174 billion budget.
Steven murora, president of the city council, said, \"it\'s enough to take the child hostage.
\"There are three high schools in the District, with a total of nearly 20 schools.
South Carolina: The first contract to build a major African-American History Museum in South Carolina has been awarded.
The city council unanimously approved a $60 million contract to build a museum on the Charleston waterfront, where thousands of slaves landed in the United States for the first time.
The International Museum of African-Americans raised $90 million from government and private institutions.
It is planned to open in 2021.
Nanda Kota Sioux Falls: last month, a national non-profit organization that tracks pets and parasites in the human body warned about a slight rise in heart worm disease in pets in the region.
The city\'s heart worm incidence is small in itself-only four heart worm cases were reported in June-but from the case growth rate of May, this is enough to put Sioux Falls at the top of the list to be kept by the peer animal parasite committee. The Oregon-
Non-profit organizations use data from two national veterinary laboratories to track the prevalence of animal parasites in cats and dogs, and Sioux Falls ranks first in its \"ten major cities for heart worm disease.
The group released its July report this week, with Sioux Falls ranking first, followed by Rockford, Illinois;
Cedar Rapids, Iowa and seven other communities across the United States.
TennesseeNashville: the National Department of Agriculture warns homeowners that the cuckoo plant is infected with a pathogen that can kill many different plants, shrubs and trees.
The department said that anyone who buys cuckoo from Wal-Mart or country king since April should monitor whether plants have leaf spots, withered branches or limbs.
The warning is in the United States. S.
The Department of Agriculture found the late plague in a store in Dickson County.
Infected plants are part of a shipment of goods from nursery schools in Washington state and Canada.
The department is working to track factories that have been sent to 18 states.
Texas Mineral Wells: city leaders have abandoned a proposal to basically ban abortion in the community.
Mayor Christopher Perricone said that after Waskom became the first city in Texas to do so, he proposed to make his town a \"sanctuary for the unborn \".
But at a meeting Tuesday at Mineral Springs about 50 miles west of Dallas, city leaders voted 5-
2 no action is taken on the advice of the city\'s legal staff. The Star-
The Telegraph reported that earlier Tuesday, the Texas Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to members of the mineral springs committee warning that its proposal was not constitutional.
Neither Waskom nor Mineral Wells has an abortion clinic, so these measures are largely symbolic.
Salt Lake City, Utah: The federal appeals court upheld a ruling that found racial division in the voting area in San Juan County, violating the rights of Navajo voters.
Denver\'s Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday spoke on the case leading to the first majority vote.
The Navajo Committee in San Juan County overlaps the Navajo Nation.
Republican Commissioner Bruce Adams said in a statement that he was disappointed with the ruling.
The new district has unfairly divided the county\'s largest city, Brandon, and he wants a new solution, he said.
This opinion is in the United States. S.
Local Judge Robert Shelby found the voting map packed with Democrats on 2016.
Place Navajo voters in one of three districts in a sprawling county near the Arizona border.
State public safety commissioner Tom Anderson will resign at the end of this month.
Office of the Republican government.
Phil Scott said Anderson will leave on July 31 to join his wife, who works in Washington.
In January 2017, after Scott took office, Anderson found the job in the public security department.
Scott said Anderson has worked on some of the governor\'s priorities, including strengthening school safety as part of the country\'s response to the opioid epidemic and reducing drug supplies, simplify licensing and licensing procedures while adhering to public safety standards.
Craigsville Primary School will not be closed soon, officials said.
There were rumors on Tuesday that the primary school might be closed in the next few years, but Assistant Director Doug silverlet told news leaders on Wednesday that it was not true.
Shifflett directed news leader Eric Bond to comment, but Bond was out of town this week and could not comment.
Nick Collins, a board member of Augusta County School, also said the rumor was not true to his knowledge when he contacted by phone on Tuesday.
Ringingtonspokane: a hunter hired by the state killed a radio
Wolves who prey on livestock within the water Kettle River in Ferry County.
Last Saturday, adult male members of OPT wolves were killed after wolves were found repeatedly killing livestock.
The Department of Fish and Wildlife has now entered the evaluation period to determine whether killing wolves will change the behavior of wolves.
If not, the state can authorize the killing of more wolves.
Conservation groups complain that the state is killing wolves too fast at the request of the ranchers.
Sivigny parksburg: the federal government sued a national agency for mental health and substance abuse for homeless people on the grounds that it failed to provide documents and many unanswered communications. The Gazette-
According to The Post, a recent lawsuit filed in a federal court shows that American lawyersS.
Attorney Mike Stewart\'s office wants to return ownership of the integrated community services property to the United StatesS.
Health and Human Services.
The nonprofit, which acquired the land in 2006, authorized it to provide updated information about its health services.
The lawsuit alleges that the ICS officer did not submit an annual report certifying the use of the property and that the HHS officer was unable to reach.
Singsingreen Bay: according to a new move approved by the City Council on Tuesday, bar customers can park their vehicles overnight to avoid driving home after drinking.
The council unanimously adopted
Lighting up this project called \"safety Park\" will allow people to move beyond the night parking limit and park their vehicles on the city streets until the next day.
Otherwise, street parking in Green Bay is prohibited between 3. m. and 5 a. m.
The \"safety Park\" is designed to prevent people from driving when they are drunk.
The project was led by the Brown County Tavern alliance.
In order to use the \"safe Park\", people can get a coupon from the bartender and hang it on the rearview mirror of their vehicle.
Only the bar of the members of the Tavern Union can attend.
Wyoming Jackson: wildlife watchers say a grizzly cub has been reunited with its mother after wandering around a mountain pass in the west of the state.
Jackson Hole News and Guide reported that the mother and cub nicknamed Felicia and Pepper were found near the togvoti pass on Tuesday.
Onlookers fear that the cub may become an orphan after the mother is not found.
Cubs are unlikely to survive alone.
Tom Mangelsen, a wildlife photographer who has been following the pair, previously said that their mothers and cubs may have just lost contact with each other.
Photographer Jack Bayles said the mother accepted the baby and tried to feed the baby.
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