Saudi Arabia customers welcome to visit our factory

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-15
Saudi Arabia customers welcome to visit our factory July 30, 2014, the ministry of foreign trade company personnel to the airport to meet customers MrMustafa from Saudi Arabia, this is the first time to come to henan, MrMustafa development soon, he thinks that cities are also very beautiful. Company general manager Mr. Zhang MrMustafa welcome to visit our company and hope that the two sides cooperate happily and can become the friend; Accompanied by the production manager MrMustafa respectively, visited the production workshop, warehouse storage, and introduces in detail the production process, product quality inspection room, the quality is this, is professional in charge of the company's commitment to each customer the most basic. MrMustafa agree with our point of view, and was pleased with the company's emphasis on quality. Both sides cordial pictures to commemorate! Company continuously increased investment in foreign trade, foreign markets have a great demand for space, in the face of more opportunities and challenges, believes in general manager zhang general led, must create a better performance! Company a total ( The left one) And foreign clients MrMustafa ( Third right) Shaking hands MrMustafa ( 2) right Factory internal zhang always accompanied with the ministry of foreign trade MrMustafa together to product the production process of company standard management, complete product layout, productive and positive spirit of innovation, the busy production scene left a deep impression to customers, customers on the company's rapid development in recent years the results give the full affirmation. After the talks in Saudi Arabia customer signed an order on the spot, and the expression of the collaboration of full affirmation.
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