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Rural use LingPeng have inflatable?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
LingPeng inflatable, divided into KaiQi LingPeng and breath spirit tent. KaiQi LingPeng features: LingPeng use hair dryer has been blowing use, in use this advantage is cheap, the disadvantage is that am not afraid of hot fire retardant, rough material, use also need to use iron pipe bracket support, to prevent the awning body collapse, when the power is a potential safety hazard, short service life. This is very common on the market, carefully look for can find a place to sell; Breath inflatable LingPeng features: breath tent is filling up the tent body that period of time, and then close the aeration equipment, awning body take breath device can use within the gas column pressure strength prop up the tent. Simple point said is similar to the tyres, sufficient gas need not have been filled. This tent high-end atmosphere, appearance beautiful, fire retardant, structures, province artificial time, the service life of more than ten years. Weakness is a one-time investment is relatively high. Cangzhou awning marshal outdoor equipment co. , LTD. Production of tent high performance-price ratio.
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