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Royal was 'carnival' 51 children play with inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-13
Royal was & other; 51 children throughout the carnival &; In the tender stage on May 1 & ndash; 3 during the May Day holiday, the royal was orchestrated & other; Children's carnival & throughout; Activities. Not only for children like games, also prepared a rich prize for the buyers & ndash; Camry car! The sun is shining, the breeze slowly, the weather made perfect preparation for WuYiSanTian holiday. Royal was also made a perfect plan for the children, prepared inflatable castle, to catch the cow game, shooting game, shooting game for the children to bring infinite joy. See that is running on the inflatable castle, fall and then climb up, burst of laughter, and play catch cattle babies, concentration, as if he is staying in the world of the game. Not all the sound of applause is how to return a responsibility? Turned out to be a little shooting hand in show & other; Sharpshooter & throughout; Technology, see the rows of the balloon is broken by a barrage of, really is a hidden small master! Shooting game should be filial, some children haven't basketball stand high, but can not resist the temptation of basketball again, can only let parents holding the shooting, this also is exercise parents do push-ups, some parents fight, in front of the children take down a peg or two. “ The thinking of nothing yesterday, took the kids to come over to play for a while, didn't expect to play so happy, it doesn't, today again. I pay attention to the house for a long time, can come and look at the house, plan to buy a here? Forget it, it's our turn. ” Lined up to play basketball with the son of Mr. Liu said, his joy. Learned, royal mountain in hebei province by huang mountain, west river, linyi sitting on 20 square kilometers of the wetland park landscape, but also invested heavily, built 25000 ㎡ terrace garden landscape zone, adopting French royal garden style, concierge avenue, fountain square, geometric vegetation layout combined with French architectural sketch. First north American style of Wright is linyi low-density villa elevator landscape, door area from 100 ㎡ to 150 ㎡, at least 12 ㎡ area is presented, allowing you to spend the same money, enjoy more living space, at the same time meet the needs of different people. It is reported that during May Day, grand royal king was 70 # floor push, give customers more choice space that buy a house. Big discount in the May Day holiday, to alleviate the pressure that buy a house for you, in addition to buy more chance to drive back to the camry.
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