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ronald acuña had fans in awe when he \'dove\' twice before home plate and still scored

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-22
Atlanta Warriors-
Star left Outfielder Ronald akania has shown fans in his short career that he can do anything on the baseball field.
In the game against the Washington Nationals on Sunday night, he took things to a new level, even though it was an interesting thing he didn\'t want to happen, but he can still score in the game.
What happened was this: when akaniya went around the third base with his head full of steam, he lost his footing and his face fell to the grass first.
He quickly got up and went home and hit the ball with the other head-
The first slide, though it was intentional.
Check it out: two slides are better than one? ChopOn pic. twitter. com/VLkgwKYuTC—
The Atlanta Warriors (@Braves)
July 22, 2019 is ridiculous.
He later hit 23 home runs this year: Sunday! Suñday! Suñday! ChopOn pic. twitter. com/PNx85MPgl6—
The Atlanta Warriors (@Braves)
July 22, 2019, but the fans wanted to talk about this dual slide: Dude, they were really great from the look bad Freddy Zoellick to the dual slide from akania.
They do this every night and I just have to repeat to myself the fun they watch. —
Nets fans before 6/30/209 (@ Jiggajames87 05)
On July 22, 2019, Ronald akaniya soon started his slide, a photo of Willie Mez Hayes steingo Bolton. twitter. com/ZbreJJah3U—B from the S. A. V. (@bvmSAV)
Did you guys see Ronald Akuna Jr. in July 22, 2019? ? ?
. . . . . . He slipped a fall . . . . . . Still score! ! WSHvsATL pic. twitter. com/FwvHZAp8d0—KAMMIE (@kokokisses83)
Ronald Akuna has been working on July 22, 2019
Double slide on the way home—Jeff Schultz (@ JeffSchultzATL)
In a tournament in July 22, 2019, the double slip of akania did make my son look like 3rd-Dark Griswold (@MSU_Corey_UNC)
Did Acuna\'s efforts fall into Nats canoes in July 22, 2019? ? ? —Courtney ? ? Martinez (@sportsbycourt)
In July 22, 2019, I think Akuna has just finished his Ricky Henderson slide, ranking third. ChopOn —Kevin Procter (@KProcterTN)
It was the third round of adventure in July 22, 2019, but everything was fine. Lol—Bill (@Billdog61)
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