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road-tripping in the beautiful bay of islands

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-08
History and scenery are a successful combination of the road. tripper.
Enjoy a break in the North without winter and easily reach so many mouth watering experiences from your launch --pad of Paihia.
Kawakawa and Kerikeri double K are perfect for this bill and immerse yourself in New Zealand\'s greatest legacy.
Proudly walking high on the main streets of Sichuan, about 1927 kilometres of green and red steam engine Gabriel is a poster --
Children of the Gulf of islands Retro railway.
Can-inspiring victory
This is the first famous railway.
After coal was discovered in 1864, the Sichuan-Sichuan Railway was the first railway to be opened on the North Island and the first railway to operate railway passenger transport services.
The track extends from 1884 to Opua.
Nine years later, after the railway closed in 2000, the old-fashioned railway was revived and continued to wow the crowd.
The long bridge is a very high point across the magnificent restoration structure of the Kawakawa River.
The 230-meter-long bridge is the longest wood bending bridge in the southern hemisphere.
The Bay of Islands Retro railway is very unique-
This is the only railway in the world that can work, and the train runs along the state highway, through the city center, through the whimsy of the Hundertwasser toilet.
Depart from Chuan and jump 25 km north on Interstate 1 and 10 to Kerikeri\'s juicy Citrus Bowl.
Not one, but two of our country\'s oldest buildings stand side by side on the upper reaches of the entrance, over time
The honorary remains of the mission, established in 1819, are adjacent to the Ngapuhi pa website of red I Hika chiefs.
The Kemp House at the creek mission station is the oldest European building in New Zealand and the only survivor of the 1820 s firegun war.
Built to accommodate priests.
In 1821, John Butler was delighted to see the work of this Gracious Home, which was thoughtfully decorated to capture the essence of its pioneer occupants.
After the Butler family, from 1832 to 1974, this is the home of the Kemp family.
Next door is the landmark stone store, built in 1832, for storing mission supplies and wheat from Te Waimate mission Farm.
This sturdy, solemn building is filled with vintage household items and hardware items, as well as a wealth of local crafts, traditional toys and old furniture
Old fashioned candy.
When it comes to the pursuit of sweets, add Makana candy in Kerikeri, a boutique chocolate factory.
Drool during production and surrender to free tasting.
Makana focuses on fresh food, gifts-quality hand-Chocolate.
Nothing different from the winery/Wine Cellar Door experience, you can watch the production process, taste some samples and shop until you are satisfied.
Cream cream sugar and cream caramel Super cake surprise me!
Their inviting chocolate cafe is the perfect place.
Stop for a snack or lunch, and there are plenty of food temptations.
I also crossed the heart of the North, headed west and folded into the mighty Hokianga.
This beautiful place, with the oldest and largest cowrie tree in the world, is the first time Maori have set foot on New Zealand.
More than 1000 years ago, Kupe, a great explorer, came here and was the place where he returned to his motherland.
According to legend, he left two taniwha in the port to guide the later Polynesians, including his grandson, to land safely.
Through the picturesque Oponini, the Rural Seaside town will soon become a huge tourist attraction.
The Manea footprint of the Kupe project is currently under development, which is more than one
The multi-million-dollar cultural heritage tourist center will celebrate the journey and discovery of the Polynesia Explorer.
4D interactive magic will lead visitors across the ocean
Board the waka of Kupe Mighty
After immersing myself in the epic landscape around Hokianga and those huge dunes, I met with my fellow travelers at omapur and at dusk with Footprints Waipoua
Led by a Maori guide, this fabulous little tour operator will raise your awe of the natural world and our kauri forest taonga.
From point Reinga to Coromandel, 98% of our powerful kauri has been cut down by 1900.
The adjacent forests of Waipoua and matarua and Waima form the largest remaining part of the northern native forest.
It is also home to the oldest and largest River uri tree.
Charlie, my guide, sent out a secular aura and he did not cover up the cruel reality of the impact on Waipoua.
Settlers in Europe may have cut down most of the trees, but now the forest is facing the threat of death in cowrie --back disease.
By the way, Charlie\'s father was involved in the footprint of the Kupe project-a fullthe-
If Waipoua Forest becomes a more important tourist attraction for the economic livelihood of the regiongo zone.
At present, more than 200,000 people visit the forest and watch the Giants every year.
DOC has been upgrading the track and boardwalk in a state-of-the-
Art shoe polish machine at the entrance of the track. The die-
Back disease is a very tenacious pathogen that can survive six days on a shoe. Ghost-
The white-bone cauri tree is already a tragic and striking sight in outer puua.
Great efforts are being made to protect senior security
Ancestral items, including Mahuta in the tower.
The pathogen has been slapped at its feet.
This pathogen, transmitted by water or soil, has jumped out of the stream, and now a cowrie tree, only 60 metres from New Zealand\'s most famous tree, has died.
Charlie accused the boar of digging the soil.
A pathogen that spreads from deep underground, by carrying its hoof on the forest floor of North Island, spreading like a wildfire.
There is no known treatment for this disease, but more research is being done on phosphate injections and traditional rongoa Maori treatment.
Charlie suggested that this is an open question, how long will Waipoua Forest be open to the public, or whether rahui will be announced throughout the site.
Leading us through the forest, we appreciate the vast forests of rimu, northern rata and kauri, while also learning about the traditional use of Maori for a variety of plants.
Charlie swears on the strong healing properties of the tupakihi tree, especially for internal injuries, fractures and sprains.
He made a cup of tea with manuka honey and chuanchuan, a local tree that tastes mint and pepper.
Very healthy tonic.
Waipoua is most popular with four sisters, a family of four kauri, who have lived together in 500 to share their food.
The second largest kauri in life is Te Matua Ngahere, the father of the forest.
\"It is estimated that he is in his 2000 s and has the largest perimeter in any known exam, and he may stand longer than Tane Mahuta, King of forest.
The 51-meter-high Colossus immersed in Maori folklore is estimated to be between 1200 and 2500 years old.
When the darkness came, we stared at His Majesty, while Charlie performed a performance for the living taonga.
As we float quietly out of the forest, the Kiwi floats up and down, and the unique male call faithfully promotes the female response. Where to stay?
Hanging on an expanding submarine.
Tropical gardens, Island Bay Scenic Hotel is a great place to stay in Paihia, from which you can explore the area.
This resort has a wealth of guest facilities
The hotel style includes a vibrant swimming pool, delicious food at Nikau restaurant and bar, guest laundry room, free WiFi and elegant air-
Air-conditioned rooms.
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