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Repair of the inflatable toy

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-18
Inflatable toy is very common in our daily life, favored by the vast number of parents and children, but if it is in use process by the sharp objects scratch can produce leakage phenomenon, but still can be repaired after gas leakage, inflatable toy manufacturers to talk to the test of all precautions. 1, paste the requirements in the first toys and cloth evenly daub glue to paste, then left to half a minute, the cloth sample paste paste, don't become warped edge, after pressing finished paste. Toys are cut, the cut is longer than a 5 cm application needle stitched, or cloth paste with a cloth and then b, must to directly paste can be 2, 5 cm seam line with needle and thread first sew opening flat, ( Or from the bottom of the air cushion apart into and stitched) Handle opening firmly, usable and paste way, at the same time beautiful consider 3, beautify become warped edge with this small blush in become warped edge in daub proper amount of glue, pressing pressure, after a pause paste is firm. After repair of inflatable toys and before and there was no difference, and inflatable toy doesn't harm the children, is a kind of healthy environmental protection toy. Yiwu ShenYi plastic products co. , LTD. The production of plastic toys of good quality, price and affordable, got many consumers love.
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