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Reception when the inflatable tent to note a few matters

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-12
Outdoor wedding romantic, need inflatable tent set up a romantic and happy scene, let friends and family can come to the ceremony. While using high quality wedding banquet in the structural design of inflatable tent safe and secure, but in the process of using the wedding banquet inflatable tent is sure to pay attention to the following items to ensure which to hold the wedding. 1, if be install reception inflatable tent in the mud or sand, you should pay attention to dig a drainage ditch in and around the tent, with the aim of guaranteeing awning inland dry level. 2, at an hour when using the wedding banquet inflatable tent, weather should focus on the following day, the more is the wind conditions, if the wind is bigger then completes should focus on safe countermeasures for the tent, if be in relatively open party set up reception inflatable tent and wind more than 8, so might as well is dismantled tent, so that the formation of unnecessary losses. 3, if encounter snow and rain the night reception on the day, then the wedding banquet inflatable tent using the complete pack up later should not immediately store, but the above shall be dry, water and air is basked in, in it was a good hour shall ensure chronological withered away again later, because to prevent wetting and makes tarpaulins mold forming on the surface of the waterproof layer is damaged. Especially in this important event in our biggest requirement is running smoothly, try to avoid some accident happened, so that we can all the way, have a good time, more time to bless the two teams new happy life. On a story: a: construction tents should be how to choose and buy cotton curtain next article: next: outdoor camping and what can be done to ensure a safe and comfortable
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