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Recall notice for 59,000 Ford Rangers in Australia

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-30
More than 59,000 Ford cars in Australia are being recalled after finding defects that could cause smoke or even fire.Ford Rangers for sale between July 12, 2016xa0The recall affected December 7, 2017.The recall was caused by a defect that, when it was traveling on a long grass ground, caused the vegetation to be stuck under the vehicle near the exhaust system.
This area can reach a high temperature, and if enough grass or other combustible material is accumulated, it may be ignited, resulting in smoke or flames below the vehicle.Ford will write to the owner of the affected vehicle.Before the parts are available, it is recommended that the owner refer to the warning in the owner\'s manual, especially the part that starts and stops the engine --General information;Start and stop the engine-xa0Diesel Particle filter;Come on-xa0Catalytic converterFor more information, owners can contact authorized Ford dealers or Ford Customer Relations Center at 503 672 on 1800.
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