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Rapid method of tents

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Again in the bloomy spring season, the sun is shining but not bright, the throttle is most suited to play everywhere. Regular travel has greasy, camping, adventure became one of the best leisure choice this season. Quick to set up a good tent, is each outdoor recreation, outdoor skills essential to travelers, in fact, ordinary tents set up is very simple, only needs according to the following steps, within a few minutes, tent set up completed: 1, to identify the good wind and terrain, pick a relatively flat land, and clean up the clutter on the floor, it is best to grass. 2, check the tents. Bag storage goods poured out, one by one to check every parts, for the convenience of sa to collect cage and not missed something, redundant earth nail to put nail bags. 3, a curtain rod. On the account curtain rod wear people first brigade in the narrow channel, then the account below the curtain rod wear people Angle on both ends of the hole, the account set up, the main body of such account brigade is forming. 5, hit the nail. Will the bill first before a land use nail fixed Angle, and then fixed on the diagonal at the other end of the nail, nail fixed on the side of the two, finally the other nail fixed. Hit the nail, the nail should pay attention to the account and at the bottom of the cage into blind Angle 45 people on the ground. 6, if the wind is big, demand pull wind rope. Wind rope nail fixed end land, wind rope to nail into 90 & deg; Angle of the firm. 7, in case of rain, cutoff ditches. Around the tent from 30 centimeters, dig a 10 cm deep sewers, drains the drain in the terrain of the lowest place. Is very simple, so, friends, are you ready, Let & # 39; S Go on an article: a: inflatable tent structures, what need to be aware of? Next article: next up: the correct way of open the inflatable tent
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