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RACT warns on airbags inaction

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-01
Car driving peak warning in Tasmania statexa0Failure to replace the faulty airbag may result in the driver\'s death or serious injury.RACTxa0Darren Moody, general manager of mobile services, said 33,000 vehicles in tazhou were still affected by Takada\'s airbag recall.\"We know that some people have reached them through letters, phone calls and text messages and they still don\'t take airbag recalls seriously,\" said Mr Moody .
\"People who use alpha airbags in cars manufactured between 2001 and 2004 are particularly dangerous.\"One person died in Australia and 24 people worldwide, involving alpha airbags.Moody\'s says there are 250 cars in Tasmania with alpha airbags.
\"They are rated as high risk and people should not drive vehicles with alpha airbags,\" he said .\".\"When people are notified, they can contact a local dealer.\"If they have alpha airbags, the automaker has agreed to provide alternative means of transport for the owner.
The driver is not sure if the airbag on their vehicle needs to be replaced and has access to the ismyairbagsafe website.com.Information provided by Au.They can enter their car registration and the state they come from to see if their vehicle is part of the airbag recall and replacement.Car dealers can also be contacted for updates.
Moody said there was a delay in some parts of some airbags, which was worrying
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