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Racking my brains also don't know where to take children out to play?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-22
3 d painting originated abroad, popular in the world more than 20 years, his works for the illusion of time, space, strong, stereo sense is strong, with the audience at the same time the implementation of the implementation images move, let a person feel people draw one of the surprise. For indoor and outdoor plane media, using the principle of plane perspective, to create the virtual 3 d effect on the vision, make the visitors have a feeling of intimacy. In fuzhou, the 3 d painting appeared by the general public, all kinds of fabulous ideas emerge in endlessly, netizens also can't wait to bask in their photos! 11 National Day holiday sunshine Versailles invite you to enjoy a shock of visual feast! National Day holiday proud happy National Day holiday where to play with? Long-distance eastlands, park, mountain climbing & hellip; … Boring! ! ! Racking my brains also don't know where to take children out to play? Want your fabulous pleasure holiday? Sunshine town group & other; The super amusement park, play big fuzhou & throughout; Set sail, National Day carnival fun! An interesting 3 d art exhibition in sunshine town group' Sunshine Versailles 】 Performance! Take child, together to enjoy a feast to shake the eye vision & hellip; … The most popular 3 d picture here is the children's playground, not only shake the eye visual feast, and interesting little game. Impress your vision, 3 d painting from infinite creative potential; Interactive experience zone, lucky horse, his supremacy, angry birds, risk investment, blind stick lip, inflatable castles and so on, will bring a fun experience full of tong qu; Cartoon doll, clown uncle to have fun together 11 & hellip; … Great friends, children can dig into their own fun here! National Day of vacation, again busy won't have time to also remember to accompany children! Sunshine Versailles to sunshine town group, found that wonderful, met the French National Day seven tianle! French luxury homes in fuzhou in 13333 yuan / ㎡ rob financial street three room, 98 - 118 ㎡ new push! Sunshine sunshine town group Versailles sitting on channel top financial centre, adjacent to more than 20 5 a grade a office building, the seven provincial bank headquarters as well as the new administrative center. South near says ha tae-keung wanda plaza, north park adjacent to the new light port, will be the largest inland river in fuzhou leisure park, leisure, entertainment, sports competition, etc. As one of the one thousand mu ecological park. Community with an area of 200 mu, form a complete set of one thousand mu of super light port park, city of scarce resources, but sunshine town group, Versailles, oligopolistic unique! Invite the international first-class bell belt Collins ( Hong Kong) International build French palace garden landscape design company, has brought sunshine sunshine town group Versailles owners more comfortable life, also bring fuzhou new landmark landscape only.
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