quadriceps exercises at home

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-04
Use some exercises that are easy to adapt to enhance the muscles of the EPS at the top of the thigh.
You can work with the weight of your own body and some items around the house, such as chairs or stairs.
With a family workout, there\'s no reason you can skip your leg workout!
In the gym, some of the most traditional four exercises are squat down, lunge and machine exercises, such as leg pressing.
Although you may not have weight lifting equipment at home, you can do other things, such as squatting and lunching.
The biggest benefit of the gym is that you have more space with enough dumbbells and barbells to increase the weight of your workout.
Read more: for most people, it doesn\'t take a lot of weight to get a good workout using your weight for your EPS exercise.
In most of the four exercises, you can use the weight of the body as resistance.
The most useful-
The family four-person practice will be single.
Leg movement because you put almost all the weight of your body on one leg. Single-
The leg SquatA exercise bench is the best option for this sport, but if you don\'t have it at home, use a chair or even a sofa as your goal.
Began to stand in front of the object, facing the distance.
Balance yourself on one leg and squat down with the other until you sit on a bench or chair.
Then, lean forward and stand up without touching the other leg.
Each leg is represented 10 times.
Read more: Single
Squat legs after
In this sport, the RIP with raised feet squats on a stool or bench to support your back foot.
Stand away from the object and lift your back foot.
You can bend your toes, dig them to the surface of the box or bench, or keep them flat.
The other foot should be around 3 feet in front and planted on the ground.
Put your back knee down until 1 inch off the ground and get up.
Each leg is represented 10 times. Step-
Like stairs or very sturdy chairs, a stable surface works best for this sport.
At least the knee-
Get the most out of exercise.
Plant 1 feet on the object, tilt forward and stand up with another foot.
Step back with the same foot.
Repeat each leg 10 times.
LungesA\'s long and clear space, like a corridor, is the best choice for this four-person sport.
Start at the end of the corridor, before moving forward with the other leg to switch the sides, slam down, take the big steps and fall your back knee to the ground.
Walk along the corridor all the way and come back.
What you need is a clear wall where you can burn your feathers against it.
Sit down against the wall and slide down until your knees reach 90-degree angle.
Keep your back straight against the wall.
Keep the position until your legs start shaking.
You will use some resistance when pausing the squat movement, but it is difficult to find something comfortable at home.
Try this weight squat change instead of looking around for the right weight.
Squat down as long as you feel comfortable.
Keep the bottom position for 10 seconds and stand up.
Repeat 10 times.
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