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Professional pump can help you to improve production efficiency

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-10
We have seen selling balloons in the street, sometimes held activities, need a lot of balloons, you use the pump to help us improve efficiency. Foot pump is mainly divided into monocular and binocular. Electric pump is powered car cigarette lighter power supply. Pump material: no glue is the most strong connection of internal and external steel tube material, the second is the connection of the aluminum alloy material, glue pump gas mouth: now in the market are mainly three kinds of gas nozzle: 1 American special mouth. 2 American English mouth mouth connection. 3 the United States, Britain and France 3 type universal gas mouth. Pump base: the main three kinds, 1 kind is the common gluewater, 2 of the cast iron base, three is the newest on the market there is no adhesive glue pump can cheer on tyres, balloons, etc. We produce many kinds of inflatable toys, of course, should be equipped with professional support equipment, welcome you to choose our high quality products.
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