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by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-20
Inflatable slide price inflatable castle is now children one of the most like to play with inflatable toys, the toy with inflatable trampoline, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable pool, etc. , the children can turn, roll, climb, shake, shake, jump, drilling and other novel activity way, to achieve the development intelligence, the exercise, the purpose of pleasure. It also gives a lot of people the entrepreneurial opportunities, some friends bought inflatable castle to run, but some friends business is very good, but not others. This is inflatable castles management problem, it is important to master the inflatable castle management attention questions. Inflatable castle at the time of operation should be pay attention to what issues? 1, inflatable castle during operation, it is better to focus on the scene, in order to avoid unexpected circumstances cause injury of children. 2, it is strictly prohibited in the abnormal weather, such as wind, cloudy day want to rain the weather. In case of temporary situation bring losses. 3, play with children. Remind you need to pay attention to in the process of parents and children at play. 4, inflatable castles in the outside business, often on outdoor outside without charge. This is the operator time is long one of the most common situation. The inflatable toy long-term outside the sun is very easy to damage, affect the normal use. 5, inflatable castle charge note whether children in play, not play such as appropriate. So as not to cause dangerous accidents such as over children. 6, maintain the cleanliness of the inflatable castle clean not only can give the children bring a good recreation environment, believe that can give your business with many clients. Recommended reading: this is the inflatable slide open the right way
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