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Powerful inflatable movie screen

Inflatable movie screen

Inflatable movie screen from Powerful toys, is an inflatable framework with an attached projection screen. Inflatable screens are used for outdoor movies, film festivals, drive-in cinemas, family party and other events requiring outdoor projection. 

Nowadays, more and more people is interested in inflatable movie screens. But many customers do not know how to install it, so we spent one day shooting the installation steps, hoping to help our customers more, it will be not complicated at all. 



    1.First of all, please clear an enough area of rocks, twigs, branches or sharp objects to protect your screen. Take the screen out of package bag and place the front facing downward on the ground or lawn, unfolding it on top of a sheet. Spread out each side as much as they will.

    2. After the screen is fully unfold, please make sure there are no twists in the outside frame before plugging it in to activate blowers. Then connect the blower to the long tube ( inlet tube) at the back of the inflatables and secure in place with elastic strap or rope. And close/tie other inlet tubes to prevent air leakage.

    3. Next step is plug blower cable into socket, switch on blower and allow it inflate fully. It will takes 1-2 minutes. Please note that the blower will remain running continuously when the screen is in using.


    4. Afterward, you should tie cords on the screen around trees or fences or hammer a stake into the ground so the wind doesn’t topple the screen. In addition, you can call a friend to hold the screen while you attach and secure the tie-down cords.

    5. After the above steps, you can set up a table and projector about 3.5-4.5 meters in front of screen, placing the projector and computer on the table and plug everything into a power strip. An then adjust the angle of the projector according to the actual situation, so that it can be fully projected on the screen. 

    6. By the way, speakers are absolutely necessary, which will give you wonderful hearing, they can be set up in the right and left of the screen. Also you can set up some chairs for your friends, or enjoy it in your cars. 

    7. Finally, please choose one movie you like, and have a wonderful movie time.

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