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porter tops poll of canadians\' favourite airlines

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-17
Clearly, Canadians like to fly fine.
Porter is ranked number one in the latest release of the Air Canada customer satisfaction Forum Research survey.
In the survey, 89% of respondents said they were satisfied with Porter\'s services, while Westjet\'s overall customer satisfaction was 87%, ranking second.
\"When it comes to pleasing customers, Porter is a small airline, although it has a narrow base at Billy Bishop airport and it only flies turbine props,\" said forum chairman Lorne Bozinoff.
\"Also, since we started tracking Air Canada, Porter has been consolidating its position on the customer satisfaction chart.
Of the 1,364 Canadian adults surveyed, 8% had flown by Porter and 31% had flown by Westjet.
The last Forum followed the airline\'s customer service, and in May 2013, Porter went public at 76%.
Westjet is also almost generally satisfied overall, but lower than Porter\'s \"very satisfied\"55% versus 67%.
Westjet\'s rating has not improved significantly since 2013.
Transat and Air Canada, ranked third and fourth respectively, both experienced more turbulence.
Air Transat, with 14% passengers, received a 80% overall satisfaction score, while Air Canada-
Despite having the highest passenger at the age of fourin-10 adults —
Overall customer satisfaction is only 77%.
But the last one on the list is the Suns.
13% of Canadians fly
Overall satisfaction was 70%.
The results are considered to be accurate plus or minus 3%, 19 out of 20. @ Postmedia.
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