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poo rules!

by:Powerful Toys     2019-08-29
In a recent cartoon on Japanese TV, a hero plays an assistant in his own feces.
At the same time, in the local temple, tourists buy plastic poop trinkets to bring them good luck.
There\'s a lot of poop in the corner shop.
Candy in shape is on sale-
A feast worthy of the nameThe turd --
In Japan, it is presented as a modified vortex similar to soft cream--
It has become a recurring theme in Japanese pop culture.
There\'s even a term ---maki guso --
Roughly translated into \"curlicue poo \".
The nearest poop\"Gakkyu-centered-o Yamazaki\" (Classroom King)
The cartoon on TV is a video version of the cartoon with the same name.
It is characterized by the adventure of a primary school student fighting with his bowel movements.
It sounds unique, Gakkya-
Yamaki is not the first time to promote poop in children\'s comics.
\"Ugo Ruuga \"(
\"Go to the girl,\" mess up)
This is an unknown child of illusion in the early 90 s, with a sharp point.
The feces from the toilet spewing Western philosophy.
Obviously, these poo can\'t be confined to TV and comics.
School children who need good luck and perseverance in the ordeal of exam time can buy key chains with hanging blue poop, each with a headband and a fierce expression on their faces.
This turd trinket is for students who fight for \"gokaku un\" or \"luck through the exam.
\"In the Japanese word\" un \", the seemingly different concept of good luck and lovely garbage combined together, which is both a parody of loud throat movement and a harmony of\" luck\"
\"So for tourists of Tsurugaokato Hachiman shine inKamakura, the traditional charm is the desire to use a little brown totemand\" kai un\"
\"Long before the image of poo was compiled, these gadgets were harassed by plastic, when someone stepped on a bunch of dog fights, people were talking about this scatter pun.
In order to make the most of the bad situation, they twitched and said, \"you are not lucky \".
\"The list of products that use the popularity of body secretions is the heart --boggling.
In detail, even for those with steel stomachs, it is very disgusting.
Take Unchikun\'s products as an example (Mr Poop)
A company that sells a sticky food, the shape of which should come out of the consumer\'s body, not into it.
Partial list of Sir
Poop product: Monster panic of isbat guano with wings;
Panda, a group of black and white bears.
Bow Wow, this is self-explanatory;
Pants Unchi, a character in diapers;
And gold Unchikun, sold to snobs who thought they were not smelly.
Wan Dai Toy company does rotation-
The commodity of \"King of the classroom\" produces Punipuni Puusuke (Sir Soft Poo)
The bright green face and trembling electronic sound made him look like the end of the day.
Lime products-flavored Jell-O binge.
Bandai also made nozoki Unchi for peeping.
Tom\'s Kaleidoscopethrough poo.
They even sell a stuffed \"animal\" poo in case the kids are so obsessed with these things that they want to curl up, to say.
Why Japanese kids think it\'s an interesting role is still a mystery, even for companies that promote the product.
Ironically, it seems much easier to make them than to discuss them.
When asked what made these characters so popular, the spokesman for the \"King of the classroom\" only snorted, \"Unnnn. . .
\"I don\'t know why poo is popular,\" said Miki Taneda of Bandai, and suggested making a phone call to the child\'s research lab.
The lab did not provide any idle speculation about Freud\'s theory about the stage of anal development.
People there also don\'t think that when it comes to the new millennium, Japanese society may be parallel to it.
On the contrary, before hanging up the phone, a spokesman for the miscarriage provided only this imfixed thing: \"The foreign child also said \'Po \'.
The popularity of Makiguso design also provides some shocking insight into the character of the country, in a country where the word \"beautiful\" also means \"clean, what it means is that \"wearing street shoes at home is the worst offense, and perhaps the answer is best summed up with\" disgusting \"factors.
If it is disgusting and scares adults, then the children will like it.
The toy company made a lot of money when the children liked it.
Of course, Japanese poo does not always mean sweet hospitality and good luck.
The prize at the street market could be an inflatable pink hat, a rough dunce hat with a nasty green fly head.
A cigarette floated down from its gap.
The mouth of the teeth, and the slogan \"yake kuso.
Another pun about poo: the wearer told everyone \"I have no hope.
\"It may be hopeless to try to understand this phenomenon.
After all, if Disney can turn a dirty mouse into Mickey Mouse, then \"South Park\" can
Hanky, Christmas is an animated Star, and then it may not be surprising that poop is popular.
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