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Play on Saturday to take children out to admire the chrysanthemum inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-23
On Saturday, more and more closer to the cold air in the legend, but who also didn't think of that day there will be 27 degrees & other High temperature & throughout; 。 The small lovely in a traffic jam, sat in the car has been shouted, it's too hot, asked my mother to sit in the back seat to give her to block the sun. Has experienced several days of smog day, really want to find a forest at the weekend to breathe some fresh air. Hence, inflatable castle we only between two forest park in the city life. Finally choose to have chrysanthemum exhibition GongQing forest park, where vaguely seen some photos, feel is good. Used to think only good vast swathes of trees together to form the forest, but in reinforced concrete city as long as you can have some of the trees in the forest can call & other; The forest & throughout; . GongQing forest park is so common a large forest, certainly disdain called forest. About an hour or so adults can take a circle. Set out in the morning or can feel gentle haze, but before we went to the park, the sun is shining. We cannot put on the coat. Small cute has been away from the sun. Night just know we may be the last by the worst this year & other; Hot weather & throughout; 。 Chrysanthemum show, small landscape design is quite delicate, but overall, the lack of some momentum. Because of the amount is not enough. Is said to be affected by high temperature, the Shanghai local chrysanthemum didn't open. Chrysanthemum used mostly from & other; Chrysanthemum is & throughout; — — Kaifeng. In addition, the chrysanthemum show no introductions of each chrysanthemum varieties, feel too bad. Although looked nice, but after watching or ignorant. Small cute all the children's paradise. We looked at the chrysanthemum show, playing next to the fitness equipment, appreciate the garden center, to look for children's paradise. Along with quite a few young people take wedding photos. Very not easy to find the children's park, only to find that there is only one inflatable castle. The little cute at turn back, & other; Are all little children play! ” Alas! Grow up, is this happen! Bid farewell to not suitable for their own & other; Children's park & throughout; , the little cute began to think about the way to have seen the pirate ship. Let's find a way, edge appreciate the scenery on both sides, side to find the pirate ship. Find the first & other; Surging ahead & throughout; — — Boat procession in the channel first, and then slide down from the tall canal. Because the small lovely to sit for the first time the game ships, high channel and high, so small lovely father sat with her. Should this kind of flower blossoms in spring. May be because of the warm autumn branches have several clusters. Fresh from & other; Surging ahead & throughout; Medium and small lovely shortly after the pirate ship. We emphasize this time if you want to sit, we can, but you must go to sit down. Small lovely a & other; Who's afraid of & throughout; Look, get the money went to buy a ticket. On the pirate ship, small cute or pretty exciting. When swinging higher and higher, she on the arm, I feel her little heart plop plop jump crazily. But, after down and asked her if she is afraid of, she said: & other; Have what good afraid of! ” And said: & other; Actually the surging ahead, just now I can also sit on its own. ”
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