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\'phantom\': lost in hyperspace

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-10
Star Wars: Episode 1: the threat of ghosts there is a power called hype that is disturbed and has not started to live up to its early reports. Even die-
Awesome hardcore fans before that
This exciting legend is destined to be disappointed by the prequel of Wednesday\'s opening.
The lightsaber buzzed and the sky sparkled, but the film missed the originality, humor and simplicity of the original rocket journey.
When Han Solo launched the Millennium Falcon in 1977, he, not Captain Kirk, took us to a place where no one had ever been before: a dazzling little animal --
The universe is full of good and evil.
The \"phantom threat\", starting with the familiar scroll of locations, involves vague customs duties, taxes, and political secrets.
For some reason, the powerful trade union with the secret alliance of evil Sith attacked the heavenly planet of Naboo (
Don\'t mind if Naboopians is a peace-loving people). Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson)
A melancholy Jedi and Obi. Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor)
His earnest apprentice came to help the well-dressed young Queen Amidala of Naboo (Natalie Portman)
And her ladies are waiting.
After fleeing the Earth from the Queen\'s ship, the entourage was forced to land on the rough Tatooine planet, where they met scum of the known universe and the anatine Skywalker (
Cute Jack Lloyd), a 9-year-
Destined to be a slave boy for Darth Vader
At this point, when the band returned to Naboo to fight against the powerful robot army formed by the trade union, Anakin proved a capable and enthusiastic ally. Qui-
Despite the doubts of the Jedi Council, Gon felt a strong force on the boy and wanted him to be an apprentice. Yoda (
Voice of Frank Oz)
He intuitively realized that the boy was disabled by anxiety and predicted: \"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to pain.
\"Not to mention asthma.
Remember Vader\'s evil inhalation, his Echo rasp, his farewell mask?
There\'s a ghost threat now.
But the first episode was Darth more (Ray Park)
In his Satanic makeup, red contact lenses and horns look more like a scam --or-
Than the incarnation of the evil of the universe itself.
Because there is no history between Maul and Qui
Gon, their duel is more important than the exciting one.
What if it\'s acrobatics?
In addition to the striking characters, the phantom threat has more.
No one has the courage of Princess Leia, Han Solo\'s rambling, Luke Skywalker\'s.
There\'s no more vague than chhabaka.
They\'re holographic.
They think they are computers.
Many special effects have been produced.
George Lucas has forgotten how to direct humans, assuming he knows how to direct them.
It\'s not that the actors are going to do more here than hit their scores and say their lines as mushy as possible.
Poor, slow Nison must also play tin paper for a baby alien partner named Jar Binks (
Ahmed Best of \"Stom foot).
He was one of Naboo\'s original gunmen.
Roger rabbiti fish speaks in an illegible Caribbean accent for some unknown but insulting reason.
Of course, the direction of art, clothing and film photography is very spectacular, although some computers
The effect is flat, and many background effects are fake.
It may be unfair, but when it comes to movie magic, we look forward to the perfection of Lucas and his talented team.
Maybe the wizard is not practicing anymore.
Yes, he is his best opponent.
But where is passion?
Where is desire?
There are a lot of things in Star Wars movies, but there are a lot of things in ghost threat. . .
Especially action characters, video games, cooking books, not to mention the inflatable Darth more Chair
Popular jar underwear.
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