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parts 1-6: life as a scout... with neil little

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-16
Flyer lovers are welcome!
I wanted to be an NHL goalkeeper or air force fighter pilot when I was young (
Not so much as the \"combat\" aspect of fighter pilots, it is an exhibition pilot in the Canadian Air Force stunt flight team-Snowbird --
Equivalent to the blue corner of the United States).
Less battle, faster formation flightbys!
By contrast, this is the opposite way I like to watch hockey games!
I grew up in a small town called Medicine Hat in southern Alberta, Canada.
My days are filled with the daily activities of young people, but more about hockey games around various ice rinks (
Outdoor and covered)
Go and work for my dad\'s airline where I can mop the floor and wash the plane.
I often climb up the cockpit and take on a common task. pilot/wide-
When we go to charter, or just go on a family holiday, look at the landscape observer with our eyestogethers.
With the exception of my first NHL game, nothing feels better than flying, or the wonderful sights and sounds of playing in outdoor classics with some of the greatest players last winter --
Thank you, Paul homgren!
At the age of 18, with my pilot training going on, I started the path to fulfilling my NHL dream.
I found myself in another small town, estwan in SA province, desperately trying to get their local junior team, estwan Bruen.
I was released a week before I arrived
Vernon in BC province
That team will be the host of the Canadian Championship, so the automatic berths are guaranteed in the year-end championship.
The trials have brought about prospects from all over the world (
At this time, imports from Europe have just begun to obtain visas, so the competition is very fierce).
I took the axe home and was beaten a little.
But, I found the way to estewan, and in the long story short, I set up this team and actually I went back to Vernon and won the championship . . . . . . Redemption! !
I spent a year in Estevan and received a scholarship from rensler (RPI)
Part of northern New York and ECAC (
Thank you so much to the staff of Buddy Powers and RPI).
I was drafted by flyers after my freshman year in 1991, and 21 years later I was as proud as ever to be part of the greatest franchise for NHL.
During my time here, my role has changed, playing professional hockey for flyers and Phantom teams for 12 years, and working as assistant coach for the phantom team for 2 years
Tianyou spectrum)
Now is the fourth year of my career and amateur scouts.
So is anyone willing to run around the world with me trying to find the next great flyer?
When I wrote about my trip from Seattle to Moscow and all the points in between, I jumped on the reconnaissance train.
The picture below shows the beautiful sunset in Calgary on the deck of my sister\'s house.
My mother, sister and son Nick live in Calgary.
During my trip, I would like to give you some insight on my life and adventures as a Philadelphia flight scout.
From the bustling cities of Prague and Stockholm, to the rural Canadian town in the center of the snow --nowhere.
I hope you all enjoy this journey as much as I like to share with you.
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