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Parent-child play with your kids inflatable castle carnival

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-16
Parent-child carnival took the kids to play with inflatable castle before mom got a ticket, parent-child carnival, before the expiration, take wing to play together with my father. Activity site in pudong exhibition hall, spacious, also won't hot. We arrived too early, not many entry. Upon a layer, is a teddy bear exhibition. Wing without looking, mouth only mutter a word: car, I want to play with cars. Up one more flight of stairs, just to see indoor racing into the hall. I finally got my mother breathed a sigh of relief, said wing. Wing a soon is only a red car in the field, and as the color of McQueen. The car needs foot pedal, hands grip the steering wheel to adjust the direction at the same time. Stove sat in the car, not in a hurry to move, at the back of the car by plugging into a ball. Wing looked at the car behind him, don't know is oneself stopped on track to affect the travel of the rear car, his mouth was still in command. Mother hurriedly wing car move some, wing to watch other people how to ride a bike, wing still insist on a balance way to drive the car. Wing is not good at imitating others' actions or temper stubborn insist on yourself? There are many children waiting to play behind, ride for a while, let to leave the car wing area. Venue in many large inflatable castle, slide, the children played inside full head big sweat, but it does not want to go to the wing, no matter what dad guide. In the lego, wing is playing quietly sit down. Wing chasing the mom and dad to embrace. Returned to play for a while the car, the wing has not stepped up your car, the stove has no interest in other toys, dad took wing and left early. Wing repeatedly chased the mom and dad to embrace, see a gym no other children have this kind of phenomenon, mother also reflect on themselves and wing at ordinary times is too sticky?
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