Outdoor tent, what are the categories?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Speaking of outdoor tents, we first impression may be camping tents, may also be a roadside shop front place advertising tents, and even a tent on the Mongolian steppe. More is everybody see familiar may be seen in the TV in the event of disaster relief disaster relief tents. Human in the long river of history, from habitat hole, to thatched hut hut, from mud brick wall tile, the pavilions, the modern high-rise buildings. Can say, clever ideas, make people no longer affected by space and traditional constraints. But high-rise buildings to stay for a long time, people also expect to see poetry and the distance. Natural return to nature, the pursuit of people field of vision. Each student will be forward to the summer camp tents night! Every soldier has never indelible marching tent memory! Every tourist in with all kinds of advertising, selected under the tents of the wide variety of local gift. All kinds of tents, as it were, has entered our life. So, what are the tent family? Actually according to the functions, which are advertising tents, military tents, tents, relief tents, decontamination tents, etc. Advertising tents, commonly used in the marketing promotion, square booth, department stores, orientation of colleges and universities, job fairs, etc. Department of military tents, acting command, field investigation, exploration, construction, disaster relief, flood control, etc. Tourism tents, hiking, camping out for a picnic, challenge the limit, etc. Disaster relief tents, relief command, post-disaster emergency medical treatment, temporary buildings, materials transfer storage and staff accommodation. A decontamination tents, contact with contaminated water, environment, personnel decontamination of the item. Is the category of the classification above is about tents, suddenly feel up a lot of posture, the original family so huge tent, previously we only know a lot of friend relief tent, tourism tents, the next time someone asks you a tent, you can become expert gushing about him. A: a: on what are the benefits of inflatable tent? Next article: next: inflatable tent - — Camping, camping is better choice
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