'Opportunity and challenge 2014 Ann lixin inflatable trampoline amusement is waiting for you'

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-22
We know that the temple fair is a kind of traditional Chinese folk widespread folk activities. At the age of temple fair is the han folk religion and customs. Also is one of our country fair trade form, its formation and development and the temple of religious events, held in temple festival or the date of the regulation, is located in the temple and its nearby, so the name. Because the BaoHu temple fair to see near where I live, people mountain people sea, a lot of shopping, once let me have the feeling of the yiwu small commodity market, hehe! But I found several flow on temple fair of amusement facilities, like children's inflatable castle ( Lixin amusement equipment) And a carousel, inflatable trampoline etc. ! Children's inflatable castles became children joyful sea, their bare feet play around in the castle, inflatable castle there are many cute cartoon characters and small animals, these things excited children, they are playing slide, and drilling & other; Cave & throughout; And watch them happy appearance, I also be rendered very happy, I want to present every parents also is such a feeling! Inflatable trampoline carousels ( Lixin amusement equipment) Is a simple, but this does not affect you play it fun, I saw many children and parents lined up outside waiting to get in to play, thought this business must have a lot of money, a child 5 yuan, play a few minutes is just above. Thus, temple fair play market is very promising, the amusement equipment manufacturer, is an opportunity for us, but for the vast number of friends would like to venture to get rich is an opportunity! A great opportunity!
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