Operating mobile water park you have to know how to deal with the wind heavy rain weather

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-18
Mobile water park, such as how to deal with the wind and rain weather, mobile water park operators must know! Below small make up introduced to everyone. One, will fan, distribution box, the sand cylinder, vacuum pumps and other electrical equipment such as pack up indoors, mobile water park in order to avoid water cause a short-circuit. Second, do a good job in the drainage to prevent ground water. Third, timely review the surrounding environment, check whether the ground has a concave, trees, such as rail if there is a dump. Four, the park if the internal water should be clear in time, for a detailed check and clean all equipments, found timely treatment, so as not to affect the normal business of mobile water park. Five, examined the pool water level and water quality situation, if the water level too high drainage in time; Mobile water park to strengthen water quality maintenance, selective agent to remove algae, disinfectant, avoid water turn green. If operators, mobile water park in bad weather comes, do more than four o 'clock, so not only can avoid the happening of the accident, at the same time also can reduce the bad weather damage to equipment, effectively prolong the service life of water park equipment, so as to put the losses to a minimum, mobile water park!
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