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by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-25
As open-
The air Stadium launched by Trichy Corporation near the main road of Allithurai is attracting positive feedback from residents, mainly seniors, and the local agency plans to be in Ariyamangalam and the other two near the camp
In January 2018, as part of an infrastructure to promote urban health and fitness, civic groups launched the first opening of the city --
The Aviation Stadium, estimated at a cost of Rs 25, is located on the Allithurai main road near the Amma canteen, with seven machines that can be operated without electricity.
After receiving a positive response from the public near Ramalinga Nagar and Kumaran Nagar, the company said that two other feasible locations have been identified to establish an open-air gyms.
Although young people prefer high power and air
The gym is well-equipped and the elderly feel the need for a suitable outdoor infrastructure to stay healthy. As the open-
Local agencies said that since most of the equipment is easy to operate for the elderly, the elderly are the target audience for these gyms, they can enter the aviation gym without much effort.
D Ramalingam, 63, a resident of Bharathi Nagar, said: \"So far we have restricted outdoor sports to walking, but here
At the same time, with the citizens taking cleaning initiatives for uyyakondan dan and company workers under the banner of the northern bank of 1,000 --years-
The old Uyyakondan Canal has gained momentum and preliminary works on the walking track are underway, organizers said, an open
The air gym at Uyyakondan bank is very useful to the public.
As a result of a few weeks
Long-term efforts to take advantage of the available space that was once invaded by weeds and become a shelter for anti-weeds
Social factors, about 600-
Today, there is no garbage or vegetation at 700 of the North Canal.
PWD officials say volunteers have been allowed to clean up the bushes and use open spaces to install walking tracks without affecting the canal.
With the money collected from the locals, we have been at the fenced Uyyakondan canal bank.
One of the organizers said walking tracks and lights would be set up soon.
N. Ravichandran, commissioner of the company, said in contact that we plan to open wider
To the air gym in two other places.
Bank Uyyakondan seems to be a viable place to build an openair gymnasium.
The company will definitely consider this demand.
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