Only build this inflatable castles, children will like it!

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-11
Los Angeles Disneyland, opened in 2001, is this what the children dream even adults dream paradise? As for the design of the inflatable castle what we can find inspiration. Color used by the Disney animated films, such as stimulation, magic performance technique combined with the function of the amusement park, launched in 1955, the world's first modern theme park - Los Angeles Disneyland! Then, Disney's California adventure park to open in 2001. Orlando Disney World, Orlando Disney World) 1964 people began planning a larger amusement park, this is Orlando & other; Disney World & throughout; 。 After five years to build, Disney World finally open to the public in October 1971. It will cost 7. $6. 6 billion, is located in the suburban Orlando, Florida, is a recreation center for young and old. A Disneyland this true for young and old, how to make our inflatable castle design let adults can also accept is also a problem in front of inflatable castle design. And then the magic kingdom to open in 1971, April the carter center opened in 1982, Disney - MGM studios to open in 1989, Disney's animal kingdom to open in 1998. Tokyo Disneyland is known as Asia's first amusement park in Tokyo Disneyland, is in accordance with the Disney parks in the USA. Its theme park covers an area of seven hundred and eighty hectares. From 1994 to 1999 for five consecutive years of touring visitors Disneyland more than the United States. The park since April 15, 1983 open have already become one of the men, women and children enjoy their happy tourist resort. Then, Tokyo Disneyland ocean opened in 2001. Paris Disneyland, walt & middot; The Walt Disney company at a cost of $44 billion, the first Disneyland in Europe, in early 1992, is located in the outskirts of Paris Disneyland opened in the town of marne river valley. Initially it has six hotels and 5200 rooms, more than Ken le, all the rooms. Then Paris Disney studios to open in 2002. Hong Kong Disneyland on November 2, 1999, Walt Disney and the Hong Kong SAR government in China reached an agreement to build a Disney theme park in Hong Kong. Disneyland first project & other; The magic kingdom & throughout; Built on September 12, 2005, in open, covers an area of 126 hectares, back against the north lantau, bamboo SPAR bay, is the world's fifth fairyland built based on the Disneyland, Disney global eleventh, China's first Disney theme park. After the completion of about 40 years, can bring the income of hk $148 billion for Hong Kong, providing 20000 jobs. Shanghai Disneyland at 8:30 on November 4, 2009, the Shanghai municipal people's government press office announced authorization: Shanghai Disney project application report has been approved by the relevant state department. Shanghai Disneyland project after the two sides contact and negotiations for many years, based on the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit, signed a cooperation framework agreement at the beginning of 2009, according to relevant procedures and submitted the project application report to the relevant state departments. Shanghai Disneyland project negotiations have more than 10 years of experience. On January 9, 2012, the headquarters of the Walt Disney company has through the media, said in a statement, Disney and Shanghai municipal government officially signed a framework agreement of Shanghai theme park, according to relevant procedures and submitted the project application report to the relevant state departments. At the end of October, the project officially approved, marked the start the next step will be entered a substantive stage. Project the United States and China is the specific content of cooperation and details for further consultations. Shanghai Disneyland will be the sixth global, a second Disneyland in China. It is reported that Shanghai Disneyland will not only have consistent with global Disney destination resort facilities, will also be magic with Chinese native characteristics. Shanghai Disney theme parks and facilities initially planned development area of about 4 square kilometers area, will take the theme park covers an area of about 1 square kilometers area as the main core area, scale of investment of about 25 billion yuan, the first phase of development and construction project is planned to be completed in five years to 6 years. First phase of development of Shanghai Disney theme park will revolve around & other; The magic kingdom & throughout; The theme of the design and construction work, including the construction of five themed amusement area, select & other; Winnie the pooh adventure & throughout; “ Space flying saucer & throughout; Such as more than 20 major scenic spots. In the surrounding of theme park area, and then form a complete set with green water, transportation, catering, hotel accommodation and other service facilities, constitute the Disney theme park of about 4 square kilometers area and supporting facilities. Looking for a good inspiration from the good design, is the breach of the inflatable castle do make a lot of people love.
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