On the structure of medical inflatable tent what are the requirements

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-12
Inflatable curtains on the planning is divided into different ways of structure, detail can be divided into single room and hall structure type; Single room space is only for sleeping and planning of the structure, heavy consideration to reduce the volume, reduce weight. And structure type of tent is hall set up outside the door loose in sleeping space plus hall, in addition to the wind, the rain has more superiority on the outside, also set is equipped with the space. Medical rescue inflatable curtains first used in military, civil affairs, the Red Cross, health flood earthquakes and other sudden disaster emergency rescue. Generally an inflatable health curtains system a total of more than two hundred flat curtains of group. Curtains tarpaulins and the lining have waterproof function, the lining is commonly cotton lining, has the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation. Arc door, to ensure that the door have no water, and is able to complete watertight door and the door. Medical curtains of form a complete set of equipment is very completely. Is put into use in various climates and can be used to a wide range of temperature change. Medical curtains can have special meaning in the disaster zone. In the disaster areas under the condition of poor medical conditions, medical curtains can be a good role in & quot; Temporary hospitals & quot; Figure, give full play to the effect of disaster relief, to supply vast areas citizens with lunch, safety cure conditions. A: a: on technology exquisite wedding banquet inflatable tent you is how to choose the next: next up: why must necessary inflatable tent campers
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