On the morning of parents took their play inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-23
Is very smart, just yesterday, my father listen to a lecture mentioned in early education center: a Canadian kindergarten advocating natural education concept, children see day, touch the tree, pick up the leaves, a run on the grass, one day in the past. Dad feel the activity of today and also with the idea of this kindergarten is quite similar. Fish is actually a skill. Wetland aquatic fish agile and fast, see fish again do actions must be too late. Inflatable castle, but you put the dredge water waiting seems to have no, half a day is not a fish swam near. Their is very smart, stealing others soon mastered the essentials. She gripped the dredge the piranhas in the grass quickly pull the then carry ashore, so every time can harvest a few shrimp, even landed a speed like arrows as quickly as the fish! Their put minnows pinch up one by one in the container, and then continue fishing net. Time passed quickly, almost one hour in the past. Container has been full filled with dozens of shrimp, only a small fish, as there are a lot of leg and a centipede wriggle denial of strange insects. Their very listen to mama words, the small fry all back before I go home, because & other; They want to go back to find mom & throughout; 。 The way out of the park, their daddy said: & other; I would also like to play the same slide! ” Mother immediately understood that their is referring to south garden, readily promised their: & other; The rain can't go out tomorrow, a good night's sleep in the afternoon we go! ” Their very obedient, still didn't hold on to immediately, darling go home with mom and dad, straight to south garden after waking up. But south garden of children's park in the paint, sand and slide can't go in & hellip; … Mother sharp-eyed, found across the road through the trees in the square there is children's paradise, hence everyone hurriedly in the past. Their very excitedly into the inflatable castles, because of the unstable back immediately, carousels, also because of a little shake their immediately sat up and down. Then, their own ran into the sand-excavating game area. This is a replace sand with cassia seed game area. Cassia seed cleaner than sand, into the clothes is easy to clean, just than viscous sand, can't the lego castle. But their has interest on the leakage of sand toys, a bunch of cassia seed in the funnel, cassia seed slowly leaks, the gears, under the led to their look at feel very happy, so constantly to add cassia seed hopper. Imperceptible in, their playing more than an hour, until it was dark. Although this several days of outdoor air quality is bad, but mom and dad to take their outdoor activities. Because mom and dad think children's nature release is more important than air pollution.
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