On Sunday the park and play with my grandma inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-12
Rare good weather over the weekend, speaking to ditan park children playing small penguin pororo inflatable castles, can go out in the morning, baby mind: & other; I don't want to go to the pororo, I want to go to the forest park! ” This is not the first time with grandma park pororo little penguin is baby's favorite cartoon characters, every day after two or three sets, baby plates, bowls, chopsticks, spoons, cups, even the shoes are pororo. First saw the pictures of the long elder sister went to pororo inflatable castles, baby just say want to go, either because of the fog haze days, or baby temporarily backpedaled, to now also haven't been to. Clearly love, want to go, but don't go, what to the little fellow? Alas, the child mind you don't guess! Guessing, let he go to the park with grandma before because of the earthquake, grandma and grandpa came to Beijing to see baby after the plan has been dragged. Grandma and grandpa finally arrived last weekend and Friday night to walk earlier Monday, the time is very tight. Weekend go out take the baby and grandma, grandma, grandpa and grandpa in the house chef, make delicious food for the baby park with grandma and dad do? Sleep at home + work! Park with grandma
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