Often take children to play inflatable trampoline for children?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-11
This rectified, every Saturday to learn three extracurricular class: English in the morning, at noon, fine arts, electronic organ in the afternoon, a day full of inflatable trampoline only for a couple of hours after lunch time, so, want to play, also can only be on Sunday. Is often go to work on Sunday, my father, mother also in bed thinking of grandpa, want to accompany children to play, also is only a half a day. On Sunday, eat breakfast in the morning pick up, seem to go to the hospital to see grandpa, it's just one hour, two children is no longer willing to stay in the hospital, constantly screaming, go, go, go. To feed my grandfather the rice, suggesting to go, he is not happy, face old child, just like a child, it is complained that we stay time too short? Mother there is no way, one day will break into several pieces, all want to take care of, difficult. Hospital close to the children's park, every day think about half a year's place finally can go to play again, every time go to the children's park, every day will play project must have the beef tendon trampoline, was trying to make every day to play here, taking kun kun to play with small children machine-cleaned pulled by it, didn't think he could see the trampoline, incredibly: & other; Play play trampoline, trampoline & throughout; Break the mother said to want to play. He never played this, how do you know is a trampoline? Here more than play trampoline and slide and a large number of Marine ball, every day with kun kun slide, play trampoline, two children of excitement. Yesterday the weather is good, work with the children to play in fitness, kun kun toy car, the daily press, a harmonious picture. In fact, every day to the younger brother or some mean, for example, don't let brother move his toy, rob brother's toy, Shouting to younger brother. Brother, also often see brother as & other; Rival & throughout; Once my brother was not friendly to him, he was screaming for the mom and dad for help. Kun kun also see mom as unique property, to his mother, don't allow anyone except him playing kissy-poo, not even to shake hands, as long as he saw, he would have waved and shouted, & other; Don't don't don't & throughout; 。 Kun kun did well yesterday and mother holding the kun kun, mixed with mom, brother kun kun was not jealous. He said he now love is not love to play what is a pressure cooker, since the beginning of spring, kun kun's disease is not broken, the whole is good about, hope to be able to continue to maintain, don't be sick.
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