of monsters and men interview: ‘she’s called lola. she’s possessed, and she’s been f***ing with us’

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-09
When I came out of the airport terminal in Iceland, the infinite horizon was a wake-up call. up call.
Who knows there are so many skies?
Through Moss --
On the way to Reykjavik, the ancient lava plains are dotted
Fragments of Nordic folklore: Elves and dwarfs;
The sad troll sex scene in the Swedish fantasy film \"border . . . . . . Then we passed the Taco Bell and I went back to reality . . . . . . Until the bus passes through a coastal entrance, time
The hidden mountains rise from the ocean.
No wonder this spectacular view permeates every musician\'s voice from the northernmost countries of Europe.
Monsters and humans are no exception.
The first Icelandic band to break through 1 billion Spotify, five
In their first two albums, my head was an animal (2011)
Under the Skin (2015)
There are talking trees, the sound of the mountain, the wolf running, the heavy stones and the sea of revenge, and the ghouls you roar and so on.
In less than an hour of arriving in Reykjavik, I will be returning outside the city to meet with Nanna Bryndis hilmarsd óttir and Ragnar (Raggi)
The group\'s leading songwriter and singer, ororhallsson, discussed their ever-changing third record, the dream of fever.
10 minutes later, the confused taxi driver was in a humble, two-Floor building.
I was startled by the intensity of the light, perched on a bouncy edge, detoxifying the London lung with pure air, then sticking my head into the open door and seeing a flight box in the hallway. Nanna appears.
She is a tall, eye-catching man, dressed in black from head to toe, bold white graphic hand
Apply it to her handmade jeans.
She took me to the band\'s house. away-from-home.
The original buildings, Monsters and Men built a high from the deserted rehearsal space
The studio ended in more than six years, once a school.
There are several artists on the above floor.
It became quite active, obviously.
We entered a teenager.
Go out and check out Raggi\'s room and look like
A loose pop producer
A blue fitted jacket facing a gurgling coffee machine.
His aunt goes to school in this school.
Unfortunately, the whole building may be demolished soon.
Neither of these ways seems to be confusing, perhaps because they are eager to enter the \"pure countryside\" on a large scale-or they just bury their feelings here.
The band\'s whip
In 2011, with the success of jangly, ear-, the induced rise kicked off
\"Small Talks \".
Their exciting stadium since then
People friendly blend folk, rock and pop music, and from the toilet place to the concert hall they pack everything, including key stages like Cochella and Glastonbury.
They even made a cameo in two episodes of Game of Thrones series six.
The stack of suits in the lobby just arrived from New York, where they designed hot singles with fever dreams in red and black, \"crocodiles\"-a rampant sausage about the self
Authorized-live tonight\'s star Jimmy Fallon.
Still, when they take their work seriously. . .
The waiters make a fuss, even themselves? Not so much.
Nanna said: \"It may be a bit like the Icelandic people, like: \'Keep going-what\'s next?
We always wanted to play down a little.
Raj continued: \"It is strange to succeed in Iceland.
Everyone here is equal, so you will never feel like you are bigger than anyone else.
It\'s good and healthy if you meet celebrities who are your equals.
\"This gives you space . . . . . . \" Raj: \". . . Be yourself.
\"10 years after becoming a band member, it\'s not shocking that their sentences are often intertwined.
As the summer sun shone through the windows, the couple proved that they were great partners as they revealed how the power journey of the dream of fever came true.
At first, they only knew that everything they wanted to do was different.
Their first step is to peel off every well. worn, music-
Develop habits, including shopping every song live in rehearsal space with lead guitarist livesong, bassist Kristin Pell kristasson and drummer (
Occasional song writer)
Arnaldez in Rosen crane in Hilma Pine
Instead, they embrace writing alone on the computer.
To achieve this, everyone has to give up their regular tools and self.
\"You always try to build on what you do, [this time]
Raggi said: \"We feel more free mentally and it\'s easy to take every song where it wants to go because we eliminate our characters. [Before]
I will have an acoustic guitar and I will play on every track.
This time, we are not afraid of not appearing in a song at all.
I didn\'t do anything on \"Waiting for Snow\" and I was happy with it.
But in the last album it would be like this: \"Why am I not in there ? \"?
\"This is an album we have to grow,\" Nanna said in shaping LP . \". “When you’re [undergoing]
Those spittle, strong and hard, but it\'s so good that you come out of it with something in your hand, like, \"Oh-it\'s worth it.
All blood, sweat and self
The dream of fever must sound heavy.
Thankfully, provocation from the sundappled, just-
A single \"Wild Rose\" was released by gentle, unusual spacious \"Waiting for Snow\"and-
80 soft rock of \"war\" and self of deliberate overexpansion
Claiming to be the auditory \"Trash Can\" Under the Dome-nothing but it.
The sounds of monsters and humans are determined that no matter how dark the topic is-such as the inevitability of death-the sounds are kept bright, interesting and open.
In Nanna\'s words: \"You can write a very sad ballad, but it won\'t pull you down if it sounds bright.
\"Even for an open democratic band, a public creative approach to tearing up trust can lead to dead ends and breakthroughs.
\"Previously, we didn\'t form too many song ideas until everyone joined the song, so it was hard for everyone to find their own characters in the new dynamic,\" Raggi said . \".
\"As writers, the way we change things is right for us and Arnar, but for Kristján and Brynjar, which are very important to the process, it\'s more of an adjustment
We had a long discussion on how to play [sessions]
Then we adjust.
Kristjan also built the whole studio, so we learned a lot from it.
\"They also continue with Rich Costey, the producer of the skin (
Muse Siegel rose on the driveIn)
He has the knack of guiding excessive diplomatic groups to make decisions.
\"He did a good job.
He is very Fighting. We need him very much.
He\'s also a talented mixer.
He just did everything.
\"It feels natural to write a solo at least immediately \".
In their previous two albums, lyricist Nanna teamed up with Raggi to hide personal inspiration in the band (
See: Wolves and ghouls).
But in the past few months, they have spent a lot of time carving songs in their respective home studios that can make up for the dream of fever, and their unique voice can spread directly from the subconscious.
\"You didn\'t filter yourself when you wrote a song,\" Nanna said . \".
\"In my lyrics, I am more honest than when talking to people, but feel [veiled]
-Like what you can say, people will find their own meaning instead of thinking about what I \'ve been through . . . . . . I\'m more comfortable going.
Gender Space.
If you are a woman then you are always writing from this point of view, but I like to use very feminine imagery: roses, wild flowers and sunshine-soft, fragile and yearning language.
At the same time, Raj had to expand his concept of masculinity so that he could have his own lyrics completely.
Whitney Houston, despite the revelations
Impact, mortality
He wanted Nana to perform a ballad with the theme of falling into gravity: \"I think it\'s very feminine.
She said, \'Just sing \'.
I\'m not used to singing folk songs, so it\'s a good step.
Another step of the whole band is under the guise of \"Ahay\", a dazzling School --prom-
A prepared ballad that doesn\'t feel inappropriate in the Backstreet Boys compilation: \"It\'s so popular.
\"It\'s something I \'ve written a lot about, but it\'s never something that those guys like,\" Raj admits . \".
\"The lyrics are cheesy. That\'s what we like.
What surprised me most about this album was that with the second album we wanted to be cool.
They are also attracted to the new terrain by leaning instruments.
\"I haven\'t written anything on my laptop before, but with this record, every song goes directly to the computer.
I find it very creative because there is no limit-just, what motivates me?
You can do a rhythm or loop or sample anything . . . . . . I can use my voice as a tool: layered, chopped . . . . . . Sampling [is also]
This is the main character of our album.
\"It feels very interesting,\" said Nanna . \" She was particularly influenced by Solange\'s vocal work on the table seat.
Are they not worried about the original acoustic guitar used by previous fans? and-
Will the center think about the digital landscape of the fever dream?
Not once, according to Nanna: \"We have had conversations like this in the past, like: \'Is this us?
But we will always be like this.
It\'s a misconception that you can\'t risk going to different places . . . . . . \"Raj ends up thinking:\" If you stick to a voice, not a feeling, you get stuck.
\"As the voice grows, they are eager to share it with audiences in Europe and the United States this fall, so their summer season will be rehearsed here.
\"Because of how we recorded it, we did better in all aspects except playing together,\" Raj said . \".
\"We want to take the time to get the live show done so that we can put on a great show.
When he kindly called me a car, Nanna showed me around their instruments --
Bin Laden with recording space
My eyes fell on the head of a creepy, physical-free doll.
\"Her name is Lola.
She was possessed and she was with us all the time.
We had all these boxes with guitars on the tour and they were all flooded.
Many of our guitars were ruined, but none of the guitars we traveled with her.
I was worried about what would happen if I got rid of her . . . . . . We were in the countryside the other day and had a doll museum.
There is no one around you. You just walked into this house. All the dolls have . . . . . . \"She stopped as if Lola was listening.
\"I talked about the plan in front of her.
Raj joined us too, thinking it was not wise.
Back to the topic on Earth, they pointed me to their favorite seaside restaurant in Reykjavik: the nest of Coocoo. . .
Admit they gave up the school and drank beer under that charming light.
July 26 Friday fever meng huan deng.
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