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\"We have received confirmation of three avalanche deaths in BC on January 6, 2008.
On January 7, another deadly avalanche occurred in Banff National Park.
\"A skier and a skier entered the permanently enclosed area known as the\" hanging roll.
They dropped down the cliff belt down, triggering an avalanche that took them to the cliff.
\"-The most recent suggestion from the Avalanche Canada center is that reports like this continue to appear in the New Year, calmly outlined the situation in which skiers, snowboarders and snowboarders were killed in an avalanche at the beginning of the season, an unprecedented number.
Most skiers and snowboarders in remote areas carry basic safety equipment-shovels, probes and transceivers, also known as beacons, which send out an electronic signal that helps locate them.
All three are considered necessary.
As suggested by the online tutorial: \"The Beacon does not work without a shovel.
You can\'t dig him out with a snowboard.
\"These practices have been standard for years-the transceiver was developed in 1968-but advances in rescue technology have improved the chances of survival buried in a few metres of snow.
However, some technologies that are easily available in Europe are more difficult to obtain in Canada.
A newer oneto-
ABS Avalanche airbags are Canadian equipment.
This is a backpack built in.
In a balloon inflated with compressed nitrogen through a pull line.
Backcountry travelers wearing these backpacks may be swept by an avalanche, but are more likely to stay on or close to the water, which is critical to rescue.
\"This is called the Brazilian nut effect,\" said Ed Adams, an engineering professor at Montana State University in Bozman.
\"You open a jar of nuts, they have been shaken, the Brazilian nuts are on top and the smaller ones are on the bottom.
\"The airbag pops up on both sides of the backpack and expands the volume of the traveler, so it is unlikely that he will be flooded with snow.
The colorful balloons also made him more conspicuous.
A new study shows that people wearing airbags and transceivers are much less likely to die in an avalanche, compared with a much lower probability of death for people without these devices. However, Dr.
Jeff Boyd, one of the authors of the study published last year in the journal recovery, noted that the study was conducted in Austria and Switzerland and warned that, the findings in Canada are unlikely to be the same.
Canadians tend to ski and ski in trees, Canadians said, and the avalanche death in Canada is due to trauma caused by hitting rocks or trees, a climbing guide from Banff and an emergency room doctor.
Experiments with traditional design Double airbags show that they make the victim facedown and head-
When they were washed away
Since the surface of the avalanche travels much faster, they may travel much faster and further on the avalanche slope.
A new airbag model-the snow pulse is under development, which inflates at the head and neck, using compressed air instead of nitrogen.
It may provide more protection from trauma and is being tested by mountain guides in Alberta and B provincesC.
Said Boyd, Canadian representative of the International Alpine Rescue Committee medical committee.
Although avalanche airbags have been in use in Europe for 20 years, they are still not readily available in Canada.
\"Transport Canada has a very, very stupid regulation that puts gas tanks on dangerous labels,\" said Claire Israel Sen, executive director of the avalanche Society of Canada . \".
\"This is a stupid self.
Canada\'s unique regulations are out of sync with the rest of the world.
\"Some dealers are persistent and willing to put up with the paperwork and costs of bringing airbag tanks into Canada, but they can only enter Canada if they are transported as\" dangerous \"goods, he said.
\"It prevents this important life --
Technology can be saved in Canada, \"said Israelson.
Transport Canada said,
Gas cylinders must meet Canadian certification standards.
\"Some designs are considered unsafe.
\"We encourage consumers to purchase this safety equipment to ensure they purchase equipment with Canadian Transport Certification,\" said spokeswoman Fiona MacLeod . \".
Avalanche airbag backpacks are allowed on the aircraft, but must be licensed by the airline and must be packed so that they are not accidentally activated.
Artificial breathing equipment has also been shown to improve survival time under avalanche.
There is still a lot of air in the snow, especially the newly dropped powder, which may be 7 cents of ice and 93 cents of air, said Carl bilkland, an American avalanche scientist. S.
Forest Services are also available in the city of Bozeman, Monte.
When buried by an avalanche, the victim will start breathing and re-breathing in a short period of time
The choking carbon dioxide caused by breathing is still the main cause of avalanche death.
One of these devices is called an avalanche, like a snorkel.
It allows the falling skiers to breathe in air from the snow on his face, while breathing out and discharging carbon dioxide through the tube behind the backpack.
It is reported to work well under controlled conditions and may help to provide up to 90 minutes of air. (
A 2001 study showed that among the avalanche victims buried in the snow were still alive after 18 minutes, but the chance of survival after 35 minutes fell to 34. )
More and more skiers and snowboarders in remote areas are starting to use avalanches because they have recently been included in their backpacks, Birkeland said.
At the same time, the transceiver technology is constantly improving.
\"In the past days, you know the beeps are getting bigger and bigger in the headphones.
\"New equipment can help find multiple bodies in the snow.
Some even report the victim\'s vital signs so that rescuers can deploy their efforts where they find the greatest opportunity for living victims.
Birkeland, however, sounds cautious.
\"As humans, we want technology to solve our problems.
We accept a degree of risk.
If we do something to increase our chances of survival, we may start to engage in more risky behavior.
Before we start using these tools, we must treat the mountains with the same respect.
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