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now, car airbag that pops out to save pedestrians

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-11
Volvo, the Swedish car giant, has launched a new \"pedestrian airbag\" that pops up outside the car to protect people who have been hit. New airbags-
The car company made its debut at this year\'s Geneva motor show. -
Under the hood of the car.
When the car hits a person at a speed of 12 to 30 mph, it pops up in a second, which is the range in which many pedestrians are hit.
The designer of the airbag said it buffered an area of many car windshields --
According to the New York Post, the victims of the crash suddenly broke in.
According to Popular Mechanics, the seven sensors at the front of the car determine whether it is in contact with people\'s legs before deployment.
Once the airbag is inflated, the hood will increase by about 4 inch, which helps soften the impact on pedestrians.
Cars with new airbags are currently sold only in Australia and there is no plan to bring them to the United States.
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