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not funny: clerk critically injured in hasselhoff sign theft

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-23
What is a relatively interesting trend in New England?
Over the past year, actor David Hasselhoff has stolen more than 550 advertising signs --
No longer interesting.
Shop assistant working in the canton Shelton Cumberland Farm convenience store.
\"While trying to stop an SUV from driving with the stolen David Hasselhoff sign, it is still in critical condition after falling,\" Hartford coolant said . \".
According to Courant, \"36-year-
The old man landed on his head in the store parking lot, they said, trying to retrieve two signs as the so-called thief drove away.
He\'s at the Bridgeport Hospital.
Police said Wednesday that,year-
The elderly admitted to participating in the investigation and are cooperating with the investigation.
As of 7: 45 a. m. no one had been arrested. m.
The Connecticut State Post reported that Hasselhoff played a role in promoting iced coffee known as \"ice Hoffee\" in the former Baywatch star camp.
The theft of these signs began last year.
Update 1: 20. m. ET.
Hasselhoff prayed.
Hasselhoff said in two tweets :--
\"I was shocked and saddened by the tragedy of the shop clerk at Cumberland farm. I sincerely pray for him and his family! \"--
\"Words can\'t express how I feel at the moment, please take a moment to pray that he is fully recovered! ! THANK YOU. . . DAVID.
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