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New Year's day and the children play with inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-13
Finally said goodbye to let a person glad to 2013, the New Year has begun! Although only one day off this year's New Year's day, mom still intends to bring edamame go out to play, and want to do the edamame thinking for a long time & ndash; — Skiing, specific site just chose the city of joyous pavilion park, after all, is this still closer. Our time of arrival in joyous pavilion park is almost eleven o 'clock, it must have a lot of car park can be seen from outside, so he went into the park, that call a people mountain people sea, waiting for ice and snow carnival people lined up the long, mother looked at those queue, decisively abandoned with online group purchase of electronic tickets, although is expensive is so little, but wait for an hour here, wouldn't it be a waste of time, so we bought a ticket quickly, came to the ski resorts, stepping on the snow, it just had the feeling of winter! Joyous pavilion park of ice and snow carnival mainly motorcycle tanks, snow, snow, snow snow flying saucer live-action CS leisurely wave ball, snow, snow inflatable castles, moreover is the penguins, alpacas, short legs out of the small animals. Edamame care for the small animals very much, see the eyes don't look at, the reason is that & other No small yao & throughout; After, were waiting in the queue for the mother to rent a flying saucer, edamame and dad with a shovel the snow is enthusiastic, such as mother rent a flying saucer, edamame and dad slid from the slopes, I didn't think kids don't afraid, slipped three times, until the fourth with her mother and smooth, scared out call mother, edamame is detachment kept said to mom & other; Mom, that's ok, that's ok, you take, this is not soon yao & throughout; , mom that call an embarrassment, but there is a small man, protect the mother feeling is really good. Played the flying saucer, edamame again to play inflatable castles, under the slopes of a pneumatic, edamame several times trying to social climbers, and can always couldn't climb up, and also there are some older children beside, to push up in everybody worry edamame was stepped on, have persuaded edamame to play something else, but edamame unusually firm will continue to play, after several times, finally mastered the skills, also can be easily climbed it, it didn't want to leave, of course mom banana boat with the door a little temptation. Leave the inflatable castle, then go to the small animals, and after the play mother forgot to banana boat, but has still remember edamame, in the mother home, proposed edamame said & other; No, I haven't play banana boat & throughout; , ok ok, now that promise, you must do it, so we went to sit the banana boat, this just reluctant to leave. Coming out of the park, the children have sleepy, I wanted to go home to sleep, but edamame said to go to a restaurant, also claimed & other; I like to go to a restaurant for dinner? & throughout; , just like that, we went to eat haidilao, after satiated with food and wine, and ready to go home, but is a troublesome things happened, dad took edamame to pee, come back, just in front of mother, edamame fell, and knock on the steps, such as mother looked up, with a mouthful of blood, vomit, after a few mouth still have a lot of blood, looking at the poor little fellow, mother's love, a good New Year's day, originally had a good time, eat very comfortable, thought and cutting mouth in the process, is really of. 。 。
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