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New giant freedrop airbag testing !

Today we are testing our new finished giant landing airbag for the trampoline park .As the below photos show ,it has a full printing on the top cover sheet ,it looks very beautiful.

Length is 967cm ,width is 816cm,height is 152cm

We can do the accurate size as your special foam pit .Just provide your logo files and size ,we can do the free 3D design of the trampoline park airbag for you,or you can tell us your thoughts of the airbag ,our design team will work with you together with the trampoline park landing airbag .

Nowadays ,trampoline park landing airbag is more and more pupular,do you know the reason why ?

First of all ,our jump airbag is very softy and super safety for the people landing.They dont have fire hazard,because we use flame retardant tarpaulin plato material.

Second ,you dont need the replace foam for a very long time ,just set up on the pit ,turn on the blower ,it's working.

Third ,it will be more clean in the trampoline park without any unwanted dust on your facility.

Last but no least ,there is no hygiene and health concerns,you dont need to clean the foam block every week ,very convenient of our jump airbag .

Do you think the trampoline park only can use on the foam pit ?The answer is no .Have you ever think it use it in another way .

Our trampoline park airbag can be used standalone without a pit.It can be moved around for training on different set-ups,designed for both indoor and outdoor facilities

You also can move it and using outdoor for advertising .

It will make a great attraction for your trampoline park.

You can use it for extreme landing airbag ,people can jump from the platform.

It is very excited !


The highest level of our platform is 6 meters ,you can adjust the height as you need ,set up the platform and check out if it is safety enough ,then you can jump.

How to pack the airbag ?

1. Make sure the inflatables is completely empty of all people and any debris. Remove any loose articles or debris from play area. Empty any water from water units while still inflated.

2. Allow the unit to continue to run until thoroughly dry.

3. Switch off the electrical supply and disconnect the blower, undo all deflation tubes/deflation zip.

4. Allow the inflatables to completely deflate around 10 minutes.

5. Straighten the base. Fold walls in neatly towards centre.

6. Fold into thirds longwise and then in half again.

7. Roll the unit slowly and as tightly as possible towards the outlet tube, forcing the air out.

8. Secure and store safely.

9. If the inflatables is wet when packed away, please ensure that as soon as possible it is erected and allowed to dry properly, on no account must it be stored wet for any length of time.

Maintenance & Repair

1. Air-constant inflatables always keep products clean. Use a bucket of warm soapy water and a sponge to washing up the inflatables, plus a nice warm day to dry them off quickly. Please note the setting must be gentle, as although the paint we use is best quality and hardwearing and does not come off ,some people who have purchased inflatables elsewhere have noted that the paint can actually come off in this way.

2. When placing a Inflatables in a garden or suchlike always locate the smoothest place you can for it to be positioned. We recommend that you always walk over the area first to check and remove any large stones or sticks you may find which could cause possible damage to the inflatables. Also we advise the use of a Ground Sheet on any rough piece of land or any hard surface.

3. Never leave your airbag outside for long time .Weather will corrode materials.

4. Drain all water from airbag, and allow the airbag to run empty, in order for the blower to dry all water from inside materials. 

5. Never drag the inflatable across concrete, sharp objects, etc.

6. Regularly inspect seams and play surface for any necessary repairs. Slight damage caused by nature or man-made factors can be repaired with the repair kit provided. 











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