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netflix announce price rise to irish subscription plans

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-10
Netflix has announced a rise in prices for some of its subscription plans in Ireland, raising the cost of two of its three main subscription plans as it spends a lot on its own original content
While the price of the company\'s basic single screen will not change, it will be 7 euros.
£ 99 per month, it has increased its price for two monthsScreen and four
They are screen subscription plans.
Two of the company-
The screen plan adds 1 euro to 10 euros.
99 a month, and it costs four months.
The screen plans to add 2 euros to 13 euros. 99 a month.
The price increase here reflects the company\'s plans in the United States, which announced the first monthly fee increase in two years, with two of the three major subscription plans having high hiking costs, because it spends a lot of money on its original content.
Mid-term Company
The range plan to allow simultaneous streaming on both devices is increased to $10.
$99 per month, from $9. 99. The top-
Tier plan that can stream on four HD screens is raised to $13.
$99 a month, $11. 99.
The basic plan cost remained at $7. 99.
The share price of the global streaming pioneer Rose 4.
5%, a record high of $192. 80.
Rob Sanderson, an analyst at MKM Partners, said: \"Most investors think Netflix\'s price is far below its value to consumers and want to see management continue to increase monetization . \".
In 2011, Netflix raised the price of some customers by $6, resulting in more than 800,000 of U. S. users abandoning the service.
The more gradual moves taken in 2014 did not raise the same anger.
Despite rising prices, Netflix is still cheaper than many competitors.
HBO Now, HBO\'s standalone streaming service, offers access to programs like Game of Thrones and Veep for $14.
At $99 a month, Hulu priced the service at $11 without commercial advertising. 99 per month.
With video streaming services spending heavily on original content and expanding outside the US, prices have risen.
Netflix earlier said it would spend more than $6 billion on original programming this year, with free cash flow expected to be between $2 billion and $2. 5 billion.
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