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Need to pay attention to what live relief tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-12
Generally used to relief command relief tents, emergency temporary live, meaning and function as the efficacy of the tent is more special, so to ensure the use of high quality material, in the process of using need to pay attention to some points at the same time. Reinforcement is necessary for disaster relief tents, form a complete set of relief tents have nail and pull on the rope, in strong winds weather situation, fixed these bad words, damage relief tents are very easy to be down. Build area, should choose relatively dry when building flat terrain higher ground for building, under the condition of rain and snow, in bad weather stopped, to check whether tents at the top of the water and processed in a timely manner. Relief tent to drainage measures, can in the surrounding dug sewers, in bad weather conditions, more or less will produce water, avoid damp environment cause the damage of the disaster relief materials. Disaster relief tents at the time of making choice of wear-resisting material to protect our security, let's use the rest assured. A: a: on inflatable tent what to pay attention to the next article: next up: inflatable tent part leak how to deal with the damage
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