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Naughty fort play an afternoon with her daughter play inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-11
Wilson of rare weekend morning, any and every mom sleep in, every father himself up, and then watching a movie last night didn't finish see 'no man's land'. Later, every dad hear yi who shout in the bedroom & other; Dad & throughout; 。 We all wake up, to eat red bean bread. Wilson of every dad to get every mother ready all Wilson of clothes to wear to all today, let her dress himself. As usual in the morning time is very nervous, have a mundane mom help yi every dress, and most of the time, we all also in sleeping. Soon all that dad had no sooner got back to the living room, yi who called every dad, every father in the past one, yi who spread out his hands lying there, let dad pulled her up. Dad said, yi who should own up to, in kindergarten after nap is no one else can pull yourself up. Yi every appetite good, eat a lot of red bean bread, drink some milk. Every mother up, for we all find out the down jacket of brief paragraph, claims to be in 'where dad' Wang Shiling with money, the hot weather, don't need to wear heavy coats. Undergo a little, get in the car with a taxi software and, three to children's center, yi Peking Opera class. From class, miss huang said to every dad, yi every class focus to improve, sometimes where parents come home can help kids improve concentration, for example, remind children, spend five minutes to focus on one thing at a time, and after done, can again to spend 10 minutes to focus on one thing at a time, and in this exercise, children's concentration increases. Hurry get in the car to grandma's house. Wilson of comes in at the door, who asked grandpa, buying a new animated film? Grandpa said, is specially to buy game every afternoon. Yi every satisfiedly say, in the hope that my grandfather give her a surprise. Grandma made a big lunch, but we only eat duck and mix of spinach, other don't eat anything, even we don't eat staple food, true take she couldn't help it. Wilson of a meal, because everyone who mix a plate to eat spinach all over, grandma Wilson of reward a piece of chocolate, yi every beautiful, can't wait in his mouth. Every afternoon dad every mother take game every four have to play in the park, a didn't go to the winter, opened not don't know the children's playground. Into the park, the jogging path they are full of people, it's sunny and warm, everyone to jogging in the park. Yi in front leading, every dad mom who followed by family size a week around the jogging in the park. Came to the children's playground, such as the distance, we all cheered, can play, can play three. But, a lot of projects are open, such as rowed small boats, merry-go-round, trampoline, we all want to play the inflatable castle also didn't open. To discuss, we all agreed to play a naughty castle. Wilson of naughty castle in addition to all at first, only two little boys, yi who spread inside the huan son play, from time to time to shout every dad every mother, only a short time, game that is played with a sweat, little face red. For a time, the two little boys go, we all play a man as to make a block booking. Then came a little girl, wearing a bubble skirt and tights, return on the mouth to muffle is wearing a mask, the whole play of time, her mother didn't let her pick masks, to run don't know the girl will feel breath. Play inside there are two little boys, yi who & other The boss & throughout; , she took the children to play together, running around, drill to drill, joy. Wilson of closed because administrators say five, or whoever and those children don't go yet. At home, we all went asked grandpa buy animated film yet. Wilson of grandpa didn't disappoint game all, he brought all the surprise is three cartoons, & other; Battle pigeons general mobilization & throughout; &ldquo仍然; How to train your dragon master & throughout; And & other Ponyo on the cliff & throughout; 。 Yi who'll be cheering began to watch 'battle pigeons general mobilization', every mother was too tired to lie on the bed asleep, Wilson of every father to accompany every look, fell asleep among several times, yi every a person, although looks painfully painfully, but see a nervous, she also grabbed my grandfather arm fear. Wilson of grandma said grandpa buy cartoon too much, who immediately turned to grandma & other; Query & throughout; Way: & other; Don't you love me? ” We all picked up a plate of the chicken run, there is a row of chicken, game, pointing to the chicken call her sister, inscription inscription, the mavericks, dad, mom, every mother protested that don't want to be a friend when to kindergarten, we all said & other; But I think is our family, you can endure bai! ” Grandma stew meat, well, put a piece of Wilson of for every taste, inflatable castle results ate four big game every breath. Dinner we all ate some rice and eat lots of steamed pumpkin, she also play to depend on, said don't let everyone eat steamed pumpkin, only her to eat. Every father criticized her, a lot of steamed pumpkin, her not to eat, and should share with you.
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