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Naughty fort manufacturers should have the characteristics of good

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
A good naughty fort manufacturers should possess the following six, safety, playability, YiZhiXing, harmony, and the ratio of smell. One of the most important is security, if the production of children's amusement equipment did not have enough security, this product is not popular with the market, such as children's amusement equipment manufacturers are not mature enough. Of course other time also is particularly important. Below by tongyao introduce you to a mature children's amusement equipment manufacturers should have some. 1. Security to avoid safe hidden trouble, because children to play, so be more strict. Security is the basis of amusement equipment, select the amusement equipment to determine safety first. Late poor safety of equipment, maintenance costs, time-consuming, laborious parents not trust, does not favor the lasting business. Late high safety device, low maintenance cost, time, customer trust, is conducive to business for a long time, the sustained profitability. Must choose good quality, safe and reliable, raw materials meet safety environmental standards, through the ISO9001 international quality system certification of amusement equipment. 2. Can play sex conditions improve, kids and children's toys and amusement facilities become more and more rich, playability is the most important point to attract children. Playability mainly for children of ages, the children have some challenging, but it's not too hard. For children under the age of 12, for example, naughty fort playability is lower, more popular, children develop project for about 5 years old children, children's development has the certain difficulty, more popular children's naughty castle. 3. YiZhiXing pure play function can only meet the needs of children in the short term, but can't retain customers, also can't meet the needs of parents of children's education. And educational type amusement equipment, change sex is strong, can attract and retain the child, also can meet the needs of parents of children's education, is the most popular amusement equipment. 4. Harmony there are many different kinds of amusement equipment, even the same species have different style, so when choosing equipment, want to consider to the amusement park integral style harmony. Don't consider the overall harmony, amusement park looks cluttered, customer consumption experience is poor, difficult to attract and retain customers, and scientific and reasonable equipment collocation, can make full use of floor space, save costs, and can make the playground looks beautiful and easy, attract customers, improve customer experience. 5. Price for operators, control investment cost is very important, should choose the same cost, can obtain the biggest profit of amusement equipment. Cheap equipment in safety, playability, YiZhiXing has characteristics such as defects, and has the characteristics of this equipment, the high cost, in this case, how should choose? Open the ultimate goal of children's amusement park or for profit, can not only consider the cost, to consider how to profit maximization, by contrast, the late income deducted from the cost, which maximum profit, which to choose. 6. Smell with waste plastics to produce the product itself is toxic, bad smell. There is no such a consortium. Guangzhou tongyao sports equipment co. , LTD. , has a professional design research and development team, according to the actual site and customer requirements tailored character theme amusement park. And to provide indoor and outdoor amusement park overall planning, professional theme decoration design, installation and maintenance and other one-stop services. Provided free of charge for you naughty fort manufacturers, the slide manufacturers, trampoline manufacturer and relevant information distribution and information display, attention please!
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