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nasa\'s newest mars rover is biggest and best yet

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-03
When NASA\'s latest rover Curiosity arrives on Mars in about three weeks, it will not be the first to put the wheels on the red planet, but it will be the largest, state-of-the-art robotic explorer ever sent to our planetary neighbors.
Curiosity, also known as the Mars Science Laboratory, launched on November 2011 and is expected to land on Mars on the evening of August. 5 PDT (early Aug. 6 EDT). The $2.
The 5 billion rover will land in the caldera of Gaelic, aiming to find clues to the planet where Mars may be inhabited by microbial life now or in ancient times.
For the first time, NASA has set a target for landing on the red planet in the 1970 s.
The agency and the Viking 1 lander landed on Mars for the first time in 1976.
Since then, six ships have successfully landed on the surface of Mars.
But with curiosity coming, NASA will showcase the most advanced Mars probe so far.
\"Curiosity landing is the toughest robot mission NASA has ever tried in the history of Mars exploration or any of our robotics exploration, \"NASA\'s deputy director of scientific missions, John glensfield, said at a news conference on Monday. July 16)
At the agency\'s headquarters in Washington, D. C. C.
For beginners, Curiosity will be lowered to the surface of Mars in less than 20 days, which is unprecedented.
The rover will use a new and sophisticated Skycar system to slow down its descent.
According to Doug mccultin, director of NASA\'s Mars Exploration Program at NASA headquarters, the landing of curiosity is \"arguably the most important event --
The most important events
In the history of planetary exploration\" [
What about the DingTalk of the curious number-
Ground work (Pictures)]
The former Mars rover, such as the twin Spirit and the Opportunity rover (
Called Mars rover)
Cushion landing with airbag.
On January 2004, the Spirit and Opportunity reached the red planet about three weeks apart.
Each Land Rover weighs about 384 pounds (174 kilograms)
However, since curiosity tilts the balance to 1 ton, it is considered too heavy and too big for the airbag
Assist in landing
\"A lot of Spirit and Opportunity is almost at the limit that airbag design can handle,\" McCuistion said . \".
Designed the Spirit and Opportunity for the three
It\'s been a month\'s mission on Mars, but both are far more than they guarantee.
After being trapped in the sand of Mars and losing contact with the Earth, Spirit officially announced his death on May 2011.
But the Opportunity is still alive and still exploring a huge crater called Endeavour.
Since it landed on the red planet, Opportunity has recorded 21 impressive entries. 4 miles (34. 4 km).
Like its two predecessors, Curiosity will be equipped with six wheels with a separate drive motor and suspension system to help it tilt upwards against difficult terrain on Mars.
But Curiosity can also move faster with 3.
35 miles per hour (5.
39 kilometers per hour)
Maintain the highest speed on a flat and hard ground.
In contrast, the maximum speed of Opportunity is about 0.
1 mile per hour.
Mars Science Laboratoryis the]
\"The most challenging mission we send to another planet is certainly the most challenging mission we send to Mars,\" McCuistion said . \".
\"It\'s really a big step forward in terms of technology, potential scientific returns, and scientific capabilities to unlock the mysteries of Mars in places that humans have never touched before. \" [
Seven Mysteries of Mars
A new set of instruments has been designed for detailed analysis of the rocks and soils of Mars, including things under the surface.
The rover is equipped with 10 different instruments with a collective mass of 165 pounds (75 kilograms).
The Spirit and Opportunity bring five instruments, a total of 11 pounds (5 kg).
Curiosity can be dug, high-
Define images of Mars, analyze the chemical properties of soil and rock samples, study minerals, and even measure their chemical composition with laser blast rocks.
As one of the key indicators of potential habitability, Curiosity will investigate whether there is water around the Gale Crater.
In the past decadeand-a-
Half of the exploration, we found more water than expected, \"said Michael Meyer, chief scientist at NASA\'s Mars program at headquarters.
\"With Curiosity landing, the adventure begins as we explore the past and present of the Gale Crater.
When NASA was preparing for the curiosity DingTalk
The mission manager expects the huge probe to herald a new era of exploration inside and outside Mars.
\"The purpose of the Mars exploration program is to make steady progress in the technical and scientific capabilities of other planets,\" McCuistion said . \".
\"NASA was created to meet a huge challenge, and that\'s the challenge.
MSL is moving forward in an increasingly large way for science and technology.
Robert Kennedy said: \"Only those who dare to fail can make great achievements.
MSL is ready to do something great.
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