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n.s. men honoured for bravery: \'i said, i\'ve got to get this woman out of here\'

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-06
When others ran away from the burning car, Bruce Menton ran towards it.
Sheriff\'s deputy, mendeton, had a life. and-
When a familiar highway was built between Halifax and piquto county prisons, death occurred.
\"We saw the brake lights and we saw the debris flying in the air,\" Knocton said . \" He moved six prisoners in a van on the evening of October. 12.
\"We came back about seven cars from the head --on collision.
\"What will happen next will be seen at a provincial legislature ceremony on Tuesday at which mendeton acknowledges Nova Scotia\'s Medal of Bravery.
Mendon said he and his sheriff\'s partner Samantha Martin turned on the flashing emergency lights to be able to drive in the direction of a crash at the highway exit near Truro, NY. S.
\"When we got there, a car was on fire, the Hood was falling, and the flame shot about three or 4 feet from the hood,\" said Menton . \".
The two men ran to the burning vehicle with fire extinguishers for help, Menton said.
\"At this point, people run away from the vehicle and say \'it will explode, it will explode, \'\" he said \'. \".
\"Sam went to deal with the old man in another car and I looked at the car on fire.
Knocton said that after emptying the fire extinguisher, he sent a bystander to pick up another one at a nearby gas station.
As the smoke continued to roll out of the car, he looked inside and found that the airbag had unfolded, he said.
\"There was an old lady who fell down on the console and she was face down and unconscious,\" he said . \".
\"The Flame started to burn again at this time, so I said, \'I have to get this woman out.
Knocton said another man came back from the gas station with a fire extinguisher, which was used to douse the flames when he climbed into the car and tried to stabilize the seriously injured woman.
Knocton stayed with the victim until the caregiver sent her to the hospital and rescued her.
She was later flown to Halifax hospital and eventually recovered completely. The 54-year-
Milford resident old Menton said before serving as deputy to the sheriff that he had been a auxiliary police officer for 15 years and had previous experience at the scene of the accident.
\"Your experience started, you just finished the work,\" he said . \"of-factly.
\"You just finished the work and saved your life as much as you could.
I was just happy to reach out there.
\"It feels similar to Paul Luo, the medal winner in Chester Basin.
Luo, 62, said he and his wife had tea at their seaside home on the evening of November.
When he heard a loud noise
\"I saw a water flower and my wife said she saw three (splashes)
So I guess the car was actually skipped like a stone and my wife said there was someone underwater there.
Luo said he ran to the crash and saw a small piece of roof sticking out of the water.
\"There was a scream coming from the car, so I hurried out to see if I could help.
Luo said a young man and a policeman joined his team.
After trying to open the door, they finally dragged the woman to the shore.
Rowe said they went back to see if there were anyone else inside and they were startled to see an empty children\'s car seat.
To make sure there are no children nearby, they dive into the car and the cold waters around them, Rowe says \"Thank God \".
Luo said his reaction to what he had done left him at a loss.
\"It\'s far beyond my imagination in terms of all ceremonies and medals.
I\'m just an ordinary person who has done what has to be done, and I think most people do that.
Tuesday\'s ceremony also presented prizes to Halifax\'s Jules Dufour and West Penant\'s Kevin holder.
The men, who did not know each other, were responsible for the rescue of a young man and two pets, who knocked down the door of a burning house in Halifax on March 7.
In the past 11 years, the province has awarded a brave medal to those who risked their lives to protect the lives and property of others.
Former Attorney General Mark Furui
RCMP officials put the behavior of medal winners in one angle.
\"To my surprise and encouragement, these brave gentlemen did not sign up to be the first responders,\" said Furey . \".
\"But that\'s what they did.
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