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n.j. heat wave: kids keep cool with \'swamp stomp\'

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-19
Bad news from New Jersey
The weather is very hot. It will only get hotter and hotter.
Not long after 1 pennym.
A thermometer at Newark Liberty International Airport shows a temperature of 87 degrees.
Today\'s high is expected to reach around 88 in Newark and fall to around 74 tonight.
According to the website of the National Meteorological Bureau, the temperature is expected to climb to more than 90 degrees or even 100 degrees in the next few days.
In order to overcome the heat in Medford\'s dark water Camp, the children are stepping on the swamp.
It was shortly after calling the roll call in the afternoon that they ran back to the dormitory, put on their bathing suits and shoes, and ran to the mud by the stream.
They roll and sit inside.
You can even play a ball together and a friend.
\"The key is to see how dirty they can get,\" said Tim iQi, assistant director at the camp . \".
\"They get dirty.
Oh, dirty, dirty.
From head to foot in the mud.
Eager said: \"Black Water camp started in 83 years and there are a lot of exercises in the hot summer.
If the registration is sufficient, the children can also choose to swim in the swimming pool in the camp or in the creek.
The head of the camp ensures that the children stay hydrated and pay attention to warning signs of heatstroke.
However, this does not prevent worried parents from calling.
\"This is because they don\'t understand that they have been living in the air conditioner for a while,\" he said . \".
Eager was a little anxious this afternoon.
He needs to attend the afternoon rally.
But before that, he needs to launch 15-
Slide your feet and spray them down. • N. J.
The heat wave did not ease-
A cruel heat wave hits N during the day or night. J.
Fun in the sun when the National Weather Service issues a warning-
While keeping it safe, spread a lot of heat waves to N. J.
If you think it\'s hot now, remember last year. J. Weather Guy (Our latest blog)
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