My mother took me to play the inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-13
“ Ha, ha, ha & throughout; I heard the children's laughter in the castle, I said I would also like to play with my mother inflatable castles, mother agreed. Niu, rui rui and I go in to play together, I go to play mountain climbing, climbing to air my hands open, jump down, like the plane crashed, I lay on the ground. Suddenly heard a child crying, I run past a look, turned out to be a child caught in the crevice, I said to the children, and other You don't cry, you give me your hand. ” Children cried and put his hand to me, I tried to hold his hand to pull him out. The child's brother came also, we pull together, after a while the children were pulled out. I think the children climbed into the gap is very dangerous, if other children are all squeezed in there, the child will be killed. Now I really want to say to a child not to play up the crevice. After you come back, I told my mother a good thing I did today, mother said: & other; Son, you help the children today. ”
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