\'my bone was 3 inches out of my leg\': injuries prompt call for indoor trampoline park regulation in sask.

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On 2015, after the opening of the city\'s first indoor trampoline park, emergency room staff at Saskatoon hospital began to notice a trend.
That year, doctors tracked an increase in the number of emergency room visits to sprains and fractures, mainly children and adolescents.
Hidden cameras in the market show that trampoline parks ignore dangerous behavior.
JulieKryzanowski, lead researcher and senior health care staff are working with the provincial health supervision of sasksuk.
\"We did see a spike on the trampoline --
\"Related fall damage,\" she said . \".
\"Falls are the number one cause of injuries to children.
\"My bones are only three miles away from my legs, and it\'s not just that the children are hurt.
Kirstinhaverstock will never forget her birthday.
To celebrate, she and her friends rented a tennis court at trampoline park east of Regina.
Within eight minutes of signing the waiver, Haverstock put his left foot on a ball and broke her shin.
\"I am an athlete and I am in very good condition and I never thought I would get hurt,\" she said . \".
\"I heard a shot, I put my hand down, and my bones were three miles from my leg.
\"The former dancer and runner took seven hours to perform surgery to repair the complex fracture of the tibia plateau, as well as injury to the meniscus and the cruciate ligament.
For the next six months, she has been supporting and will probably never run again.
Parents claim trampoline
Park first aid kit \"completely inadequate\" after a child is injured, they are very dangerous: trampoline park death highlights require regulation \"every time I go to X-
The technician will say, \'Oh my God, you are the third person today to hurt yourself or breathe the air during the baby boom, \'\"said haverstock.
The baby boomers have since closed their doors.
No one returned the cbc from Get Air.
New Get Air trampoline park open in reginaskatoon trampoline parkthan-
Average damage rate
The owner of Saskatoon\'s top trampoline says there are 2 indoor trampoline parks in North America on average.
Seven people are injured every 1,000 hours.
Injuries are defined as anything that prevents a person from jumping, whether it\'s a fracture, a sprain, or a simple impact or bruising, says Lukeshaheen.
\"We haven\'t noticed a trend or a surge before or now,\" said Shahin . \" Shaxin\'s company also runs a factory in Richmond. C.
\"We do better than some industry averages.
Still, shaxin and his partner said they have been asking the provincial government to regulate trampoline parks and make safety standards legally binding.
There are no regulations in e-commerce, no checks
In the mail, officials from the provincial technical security administration pointed out that they were \"not sure which department this would belong \".
\"The 3-year-old boy fell in the spring water of the trampoline park where the man died, prompting the park\'s supervisors to comply with the occupational health and safety rules.
Nevertheless, officials from the government relations department said in an email: \"Canada does not have the government supervision or regulatory framework we are aware of about trampoline parks . \"mail.
Shahin said he hoped the province would adopt the rules set by the International Trampoline Park Association and that no facility would receive the leadership award last month.
He said the trampoline does have a certain risk, but he kept the children under the age of 6 away from the elderly and made sure that the staff closely monitored what was going on the trampoline.
\"The regulations have been formulated and need to be passed,\" said Sha Hin . \".
\"This is what we really want and we have been doing it for a long time.
\"Children who have been injured in indoor parks for a long time are more likely to be taken to hospital where pediatricians say the trampoline is not safe and carry injuries like snowboards or downhill skiing.
Last year, the Canadian Academy of Pediatrics said that children are more likely to need hospital treatment for injuries to indoor trampoline parks than backyard trampoline.
The high tensile strength of the spring in the indoor facility makes double bounce much more difficult than the jumper expected, the doctor said.
Adding stunts, flipping, and multiple jump shots to the trampoline increases the likelihood of injury, especially for children between the ages of 5 and 14.
Risk of trampoline injury video trampoline park-
Risk of not being regulated?
433 people were taken to Saskatchewan provincial hospital after a trampoline injury. Last year, the daughter of sas cartoon pediatrician Tom cbcher was two years old.
Another parent at Apex rebounded last year.
The girl landedon is a hard platform with a fracture of the femur.
\"I know better,\" said pediatrician Tom CBC . \"
\"It was so bad that I even let her go for that birthday.
\"Her daughter was one of 433 people who visited the emergency department in the province last year after she was injured on atrampoline.
\"I\'m not surprised at all,\" said kirstinhaverstock, who spent a year doing physical therapy five times a week to heal her broken tibiabe so she could try to spin
\"I\'m really surprised [
Trampoline park
It\'s still possible to run with the number of injuries they \'ve had there, \"Haverstock said.
Sherwood Parker man filed a $17 lawsuit against trampoline park after the foam pita broke his neck. The provincial Institute for Prevention said it tried to encourage active play, but it noted that there were more trampoline injuries per capita in the province than in Alberta.
CaraZukewich of the Provincial Institute of Prevention said: \"The use of backyard trampoline and indoor trampoline park will not be reduced.
She says children under five should not be on a trampoline, and even safety nets in the backyard cannot provide any protection.
\"Kids use the net to try more risky stunts,\" said Zukewichsaid . \".
\"EMS also takes longer to get the kids out of the woods.
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