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by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
A, the selection and construction of the camp. Selected a camp for camping is very important. Especially the outdoor camping if there is a certain scale, the construction of the entire camp is particularly important, can be divided into the following steps: ( 1) Grading: clean up the selected tent area to remove stones, bushes, such as uneven, spiny, sharp objects, filled with mud or grass uneven places. If it is a slope, usually no more than 10 degrees slope can be used as a campsite. ( 2) Space partition: a complete camp should be divided into tent camping area, fire prevention area, dining area, recreation area, water ( Toilet) , health and other areas. Put down the camp first. The fire area should be in the wind. Repast area near the fire area should be used to cook food and dining. Activities and entertainment should be in downwind repast area, prevent dust pollution articles such as tableware. Health area should be in camping area downwind, keep a certain distance with dining area, activity area. Water area should be on the river and its tributaries. Is drinking water on the upper, lower water is life. ( 3) Tent camp construction: if the tent camps with multiple tents, attention should be paid to the layout of the tents: first of all, all tents should be in one direction, namely the tent door should be open in one direction, and arranged side by side. Should be maintained between two, tent spacing not less than 1 m, in the absence of necessary does not tent rope as far as possible, so as to avoid tripping. Third, if necessary, should set the stage ( Trenches) 。 Camping in the mountains may be limited by fierce animals or bad people. Of course, this possibility is very small. Outside the tent with lime, tar, etc excitant material to draw a circle around the tent, this will prevent the invasion of snakes and other reptiles. ( 4) Dining area, construction with fire fighting: dining with fire general together or close to the place, this area should be a certain distance and camps, Mars burned tent in case. Cooking place is the best there is soil ridge, stone mountain, in order to dig the kitchen, build the kitchen, picked up the firewood shall be piled up outside the area or the wind. Dining area there should be a piece of grass, people can sit there. “ Table & throughout; Can be a large, flat stone, can also be placed on the ground. “ Eat chair & throughout; Also had better use the stone, or sitting on the ground, because the ground gas harmful to human body, it can convert their sleeping pad or cushion, the trouble, at least with a raincoat or plastic sheeting. Most of the meal time is dark, should consider the location of the lighting, it is the use of vapor lamp lighting or other means it doesn't matter, lamps and lanterns should be given to illuminate a wide range of location, if the lamps and lanterns hanging in a tree, the stone stage or do a light wear condole belt up. Because now we go camping is essentially a solid fuel, and don't need to make a fire, so the picnic area, recreation area can be together, but taking into account other members to have a rest, it is better to leave camp. ( 5) Water area construction, water and water in water source place, usually the toilet water and drinking water should be separated, such as tap water, water should be in the upstream, living with toilet water in downstream. If the water is the same, the separate place, two water should be more than 10 meters apart. This classification is driven by the need of health. In addition, the stone forest and so on more than the river passes through the beach area, there is no way, should pay attention to clean up during the day, at night or when the water is not convenient. ( 6) Health area construction: health area is where the team members is convenient defecation. If you only live one night, the players can specify a convenient place for men and women, not dig a special toilet. Even so, still suggest that you bring a spade to bury the best food, and the rest of the food we eat. If the number more or accommodation number more than 2 days, should dig a hole, and to build temporary toilet in wooded place. Be careful not to where the pedestrians often after construction. If you are in the river, stream, can build on the flow near the toilet, tower nails two major sources of wood, to create a smooth sense of security, you can be in urine, the urine directly into the river, without fear of pollution in rivers, a small amount of waste will be biodegradable or natural purification of rivers. If the mountain with a stream upstream and downstream may have a lot of the stream to drink. It is not recommended, but had better be built on land, buried immediately after you leave the camp. Establish health area, shall be conducted in the health area defecation and urination. Tent, how to make a fire in the event of fire, should immediately leave the tent. Note any burning rag of fallen upon you. Sweep them down, or a sleeping bag and clothes and put them in together. Hurry up, your clothes is not hot. Out of the tent, put down the pillars, if necessary, solve the main support, then put out the flame; Or hold one end of the tent, drag it from the inside of the flame and objects. If the fire is too big, can't come near, let it burn it. Things can be bought, but life is the most precious. The cause of the fire is at the entrance to the tent on the fire. After put out the fire in the tent, put plenty of water around the stove, to prevent grass and tree is on fire. Don't let the bubble or plastic mattress is close to the fire; Most of these materials in combustion would emit poisonous smoke. ( 2) Tent, how to do leak: (1) if the rain into the tent, you can use the melted wax or tape sealing holes. (2) if more than water, you can waterproof jacket or plastic sheeting wrapped clothes, sleeping bags. (3) check the right set up tents, check the pads, cloth out of tents. A: a: on inflatable tent - — Camping, camping is better to choose the next: next up: no
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