mum sends son, five, off to school nativity with a blow up sheep – but doesn’t realise it’s a sex doll

by:Powerful Toys     2019-08-31
A mother was left behind. baa-
When she accidentally took her fiveyear-
Wearing Shepherd\'s clothes to school Jesus was born
A fried sex Ram. Woolly-
The 46-year-old clever Helen Cox took out 16.
99 bought a Shepherd\'s costume on Amazon and I was thrilled to find it carrying a group of fried sheep.
But when little Alfie was told to take the sheep home from his school in Aloa, she was confused
Until she blew it up and found that there was a huge hole in its ass with red lips and eyelashes.
Helen is now forced to tear the wool off the young man\'s eyes --
Tell him that the hole is for \"toilet paper for sheep.
The psychology student said: \"He may now put Lego toys into the hole in the room.
\"I can\'t believe it.
I don\'t know if I laugh or cry!
How can I explain this to his teacher?
\"I don\'t know if they \'ve ever seen this as a sex toy and that\'s why they brought it home --I\'m mortified!
The costume is listed on Amazon as \"Labreeze children Boy Brown Shepherd costume inflatable sheep Jesus birth gown \".
Two weeks later, when it arrived, Helen wrapped it in a name --
Alfie will be enrolled in the label package in November 26.
But when she picked him up yesterday, she noticed that the sheep were in his bag, so she took it home to Alfie to play.
Helen said: \"It will take forever to explode.
I stood there blowing and blowing until the air reached its legs.
\"I quickly stuffed the plug back so that it wouldn\'t deflate and suddenly found a big hole in the ass.
I can\'t believe what I saw.
\"I told him, \'You can\'t eat this sheep Alfie\', but he kept asking why, so I had to make up a reason.
\"I told him it didn\'t look like a proper sheep because it had a beard, red lipstick and a bow on its head, but he still wanted to play.
I can\'t think of any reason why I wouldn\'t.
\"Cunning Helen has now come up with a plan to bring the sheep back without any awkward explanation --
Tell Alfie that the \"Elf on the shelf\" took it away.
Amazon told Sun Online that the product has been deleted.
A spokesman said: \"All sellers must follow our sales guidelines and those who do not comply will be subject to actions including potential account deletion.
Related products are no longer available.
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